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Sikkim is also known for "Home to the Kanchenjunga" is the tallest peak in Himalayan. It is a smallest state and located in north eastern India. It is least populous state in India. It shares the borders of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, West Bengal and close to Siliguri Corridor. The capital of Sikkim is Gangtok and it is largest city in this state. 

Buddhist Saint Guru Rinpoche introduced Buddhism in the state that passed through the land in the 9th century. The Bhutias called it as the "Demazong" or "the Valley of rice" while The Lepchas called it as the "Nye-mae-el lang" or "the abode of the Gods" and The Nepalis called this state as "Sukhim".  

The nature of Sikkim is clear sky and fresh air, you can enjoy with this beauty. It has the land of large variety of natural plants, gorgeous mountains, beautiful waterfalls, animals, rivers, lakes and some wonderful landscapes. The famous holiday destination in Sikkim are holy lakes, mountain peaks, orchid nurseries, stunning trekking routes and ancient monasteries.

Adventures in Sikkim

There are wide variety of thrilling adventures in Sikkim like River rafting in Teesta river, Goechla Trek, Yak ride near Tsomgo Lake, Cable car ride in Gangtok, beautiful landscapes viewed from the high mountains, dense forests and picturesque meadows. Apart from it, Biking route in Sikkim from Gangtok to Rangpo is the longest mountain biking route. 

Great things?

Throughout the year, weather very pleasant and nature fanatics and adventure fiends. Not overcrowded. It is great for those who believe in Buddhism.

Not so Great?

Landslides in monsoons are common in some areas.

People, Languages and Culture of Sikkim

Sikkim is a multilingual and multiethnic state in india. It has combination of multiple cultures, communities, customs and religions. The popular communities in Sikkim are the Lepchas, Nepalese and Bhutias.  All communities have their own different styles of dressing. The traditional dress for females of Lepcha community is Dumdyam or Dumvum, Tago, a loose blouse, Nyamrek or belt and Taro.  

The people of Sikkim are very simple, friendly, warm and slightly shy but they love to celebrate each festivals. In the Sikkim mostly religions are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. 

The languages spoken in Sikkim are Sikkimese, Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, English and Hindi. Apart from these, Additional other languages include Limbu, Gurung, Newari, Magar, Mukhia, Sherpa, Tamang and Rai for the purpose of  preservation of culture and tradition in the state. 

Sikkim's people celebrate festivals with great fervor and enthusiasm. The popular festivals are  
Losar Festival, It takes place in February to celebrate the Tibetan new year.  
Losoong Festival, It takes place to celebrate the end of harvest season. 
Kagyed Dance Festival, It takes place in around December. 
Lhabab Dheuchen Festival, This one represents the descent of Lord Buddha from the heaven after teaching his deceased mother.  
Pang Lhabsol, It celebrates the Independence Day of India. 
Yak dance is famous in Sikkim that preform in each festivals.

Local Food of Sikkim

Cuisine in the Sikkim, mostly people follows the same pattern as its flavors ingredients, styles and elements from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India.  The famous local food are Thukpa, Momos and a local beer "Chang", fermented foods are popular. They use Rice in each meal. Add to it authentic and splendid soups, pickles and handful of meat and vegetable delicacies.

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