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North Sikkim Tourism One of the most uninhabited areas of the country, yet extremely beautiful and charming, NorthSikkimshares its boundary with China and Nepal. Manganis the headquarters of the North Sikkim district. It is one of the most mystically beautiful though unexplored areas due to the harsh conditions found here. Located at an altitude of 956 meters the town of Mangan serves as a base for trekking and hiking trips in the mountains and forests. North Sikkim is famous for theGurudongmar Lakewhich is one of the highest lakes of India. It also has religious importance. Apart from lakes, there are some important monasteries in this area too. Download North Sikkim PDF Guide > What's Great? It's extremely beautiful and threatens to take your breath away. What's not so Great? Entry is usually restricted for tourists. For Whom North-Sikkim is an ideal destination for those who strive in nature and all its ways. The weather is usually chilly so this is no place for summer people. Also, the connectivity to other cities and towns is not good. Adventure seekers will be the happiest here.

Heaven on Earth North-Sikkim is a district located in the state of Sikkim. Out of the four districts of Sikkim, North-Sikkim is largest and the least populated. It is also the district headquarter of Mangan. North-Sikkim offers an amazing view of scenic beauty with its landscape full of majestic mountains, dense forests, several delightful waterfalls and of course the weather. The peaks of the Himalayas can be seen from here, especially the peak of the Kanchenjunga, the highest peak of the Himalayas. North-Sikkim is generally restricted to tourists and travellers due to its location on the India - China border. You would need permits in order to vacation there. Beautiful wildflowers and flowering trees that habitat the area surrounding the streams and rivers only add to its alluring charm. The Khangchendzonga National Park is one of the major attractions in North-Sikkim. The Red Panda is a native of North-Sikkim. It is the State Animal of Sikkim. The Shingba Wildlife Sanctuary is also based here. North-Sikkim is an unique destination and promises to give you a very different experience than any other vacation. You can either communicate in English or Hindi as the travel guides and drivers are well versed in both these languages.

Restaurants and Local Food in North Sikkim The cuisine of the area remains pretty constant in constant across the state in terms of ingredients, styles and popular items. The towns are differentiated very slightly in terms of food with a few delicacies in or out of the menu.Momosand a variety ofThukparemain staple while you can try a number of fermented foods here such asGundruk and Sinki, Chhurpi soup, Tama curry and Masauyra Curry. tease your taste buds a little with the pickles available here such asShimi ko Achar, Silam ko Achar, Sidra ko Acharand more. Other preparations includeKhalo Dal, Saelroti, Sishnu Soup, Changand more. View 2 Restaurants in North Sikkim >>

Apr-Jun, Oct-Decis the best time to visit North Sikkim The temperature in this town during the months of May to September is moderate with the maximum temperature being 28 to 30 degrees Celcius. North Sikkim experiences mild to heavy rainfall during the months of July and September. The weather during the winters is very harsh with the temperatures falling to sub-zero and it is not advisable to visit this town during this time. Weather in North Sikkim Loading... North Sikkim in Summer (March - June) The summers are the best time to visit North-Sikkim as the weather, though on the cooler side, is pleasant. North Sikkim in Monsoon (July - September) The monsoons, though not ideal, are a good time to visit North-Sikkim. It receives moderate showers and the rains only add to its exuberant charm. North Sikkim in Winter (October - February) The winters are most definitely not the best time to visit North-Sikkim as it gets extremely chilly due to its location on a high altitude. Monthly Weather in North Sikkim Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January -6 15 February -3 16 March 1 17 April 5 20 May 6 23 June 8 27 July 8 26 August 7 30 September 6 25 October -0 27 November -5 20 December -5 17

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