Bokaro Steel City Tourism

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Ideal Duration : 1 day Best Time : October to March
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"The Steel Capital of India" Bokaro Steel City Tourism Bokaro is a city with lakes, greenery and beautiful parks which make it a place suited for relaxation and peace. Besides being the center of India's industrial revolution back in the 1960s and 1970s, Bokaro has been able to establish itself as one of the most well-planned cities in the country. The city located on the banks of River Damodar is the largest producer of steel and iron in the country and houses some of the biggest factories. Being surrounded by a very green area it is also full of wonderful lakes and parks that dot its beautiful landscape. Bokaro, is situated in the easternmost part ofJharkhandand closer toWest Bengalwhich explains the Bengali influence in its culture. The city is high on culture and is truly cosmopolitan in nature. Download Bokaro Steel City PDF Guide > What's Great? Very well connected by air, rail and road. What's not so Great? Ideal only for a short trip. Not a hub for adventurers. For Whom This is an ideal destination for people looking for a laid back and peaceful vacation. It is a popular destination for people from the Eastern Region of the country and also foreigners. It is also good for short trips and family picnics from the nearby areas. 

One Day Itinerary Bokaro is an excellent industrial city with well-planned infrastructure. Start off your day with a visit to the City Park to take in its early morning beauty and freshness. Follow it with breakfast and enjoy some amazing Jharkhandi snacks such as singara, at City Center and later shop there for some souvenirs. Next, move to the Bokaro Steel Plant for exploring a major icon of Bokaro's heritage. After the steel plant, get yourself some delicious Jharkhandi lunch along with sweets for a picnic at Garga Dam. While on your way back head to the Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park for some fun with animals. Spent the evening at City Center shopping and dining before calling it a day at your hotel.

Restaurants and Local Food in Bokaro Steel City Being located in the heart of East India, Bokaro's cuisine, like other Jharkhandi cuisines is influenced by the food of Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha.The authentic Jharkhandi cuisine is hard to find in restaurants. Some of the important dishes include Litti Chokha, Macher Jhol (Fish curry), Sadhna and Marua roti. View 3 Restaurants in Bokaro Steel City >>

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Oct-Maris the best time to visit Bokaro Steel City The best period to visit Bokaro is during the festive months of September to the beginning of spring in February. The city is known to have a moderate climate with temperatures ranging from anywhere between 20 to 5 degree Celsius in the winter season. Hence, one is required to carry adequate woollens while travelling during the winters. The winter also brings out the picnic spirit among the locals who are famous for being lovers of picnic. Weather in Bokaro Steel City Loading... Bokaro Steel City in Summer (March - June) Summers in Bokaro are hot and humid, lasting from the month of March to June. The maximum temperature during this time goes up to 40 degrees Celcius while the minimum temperature ranges around 16 degrees Celcius. If you are travelling to Bokaro during this period, carry light cotton clothes. Bokaro Steel City in Monsoon (June - October) This is another good time for a visit to the site, owing to the cool and pleasant climate. This is the time when you get to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Bokaro Steel City in Winter (October - February) The winter season is quite cold in Bokaro with the temperature falling below freezing point. This is the most advisable time for a trip to Bokaro Steel City. It is advisable to carry some good woollen clothes as well. Monthly Weather in Bokaro Steel City Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 11 25 February 14 29 March 18 33 April 24 39 May 26 39 June 26 37 July 25 31 August 25 31 September 25 31 October 21 32 November 15 29 December 12 26

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