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"Rabindranath Tagore's Eternal Abode" Santiniketan Tourism Known to few, mainly as Rabindranath Tagore's home and now a university, Santiniketan is a small town located in the Birbhum district ofWest Bengal. The town comprises mainly of Visva Bharati University. The University was set up by Rabindranath Tagore's father and later popularized by him to radically change the concept of education in India. Today, this beautifully laid out university and small sleepy town has acquired the status of a unique tourist haven, where lines of knowledge and aesthetic brilliance merge. Download Santiniketan PDF Guide > What's Great? Rich in culture. Reflects the heritage of India due to its strong historical roots. Home to gorgeous gardens. Events like Pousmela and Basanta Utsav also attract a lot of tourists. What's not so Great? No airways connectivity. Not an all-weather tourist spot. Quite small in area so fewer options for sightseeing. Not easy to reach from other parts of the country directly. For Whom Santiniketan is the perfect place for those people who like to travel to unpopular places and explore the unknown. It can also stimulate those individuals who like to indulge into history and heritage. Moreover, Santiniketan is the right place for those people who want to understand how different festivals are celebrated in West India.

The Tagore Connection Santiniketan is best known as the residing place of Rabindra Nath Tagore for an extended period. This is the place where his father, Debendranath Tagore, indulged in spiritual pursuits as well. Places like Tagore's ashrama, Chattimtala, Rabindra Bhaban Museum and Uttrayan complex make up for great tourist attraction. They play a significant role as a tie between the present and the history. These places can provide great stimulation to history lovers, as many of the old items related to the Tagores are also available for the visitors.

One Day Itinerary Day 1:Reach Santiniketan and freshen up at your hotel. Visit Tagore's ashrama which was built by Debendranath Tagore on his arrival at Santiniketan. Then, go to Chattimtala which is known as his meditation spot. Head towards Rabindra Bhaban Museum which is the home to the remaining valuable items of the Tagore family. Day 2:Dedicate the day to artistic revelations. Visit Kala Bhavan which empowers artistic ability among students. Then go to Amar Kutir where handcrafted items are exhibited. Go to Uttrayan Complex which was an abode to Rabindranath Tagore. Visit Nippon Bhavan which is dedicated to strengthening India and Japan's diplomatic relations.

Restaurants and Local Food in Santiniketan Santiniketan has a variety of eating places and cuisines to offer. The campus of Visva Bharati and the surrounding town has a number of small and medium restaurants.Beer and wine shops are sparsely located but a drink that is worth trying is the rice beer, especially popular during all the fares. It's much lighter than normal beer but is brewed in the region and not easy to find elsewhere. View 4 Restaurants in Santiniketan >>

Mid Aug-Maris the best time to visit Santiniketan Unlike many other places, the only time when visiting Santiniketan should be avoided is the peak summer time, when the temperatures get soaring. Other than these 2-4 months, the rest of the year experiences beautiful, palatable weather. Thus, you can visit the town between late August and March. The only choice you have to make is whether you wish to attend the Pousmela, a major event in Santiniketan around the end of December or experience the nice spring season, which is perhaps the best in the year, around March. Weather in Santiniketan Loading... Santiniketan in Summer (April-June) Santiniketan cannot be visited in summers. During the summers, the temperature can cross 40 degrees Celsius. Summers start in April and last until June here. The weather becomes hot, and it becomes uncomfortable to roam around the city in such warm weather. Santiniketan in Monsoon (July-September) Monsoon season starts in July and lasts till September here.Rainy season provides the perfect ambience to saunter around Santiniketan. With heavy showers that embellish the surrounding, the ambience of Santiniken gets alive. The only problem it offers is that of humidity. Santiniketan in Winter (November-February) Winter season is the best time to visit the gorgeous Santiniketan. It starts in the month of November and lasts till February. During the winters, a festival called Pousmela is also celebrated in December which attracts a large number of tourists as well. Monthly Weather in Santiniketan Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 13 26 February 17 30 March 21 33 April 25 36 May 26 37 June 27 36 July 27 33 August 27 33 September 27 33 October 25 33 November 19 30 December 15 27

Events in Santiniketan Poush Mela 24th - 26th December The fair is a perfect example of the amalgamation of different cultures and traditions. Mind blowing cultural performances by the students of Shantiniketan are what lie in store for you if you happen to visit.

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