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Warangal Tourism Warangal takes you back to the era of kings and queens with its beautiful historical sites and an impressive natural beauty with Parkhal Lake being worth checking out. The Warangal city is credited as the fifth largest city in this state. The legends have it that it was known as Oruguallu or Omtikonda or Ekasilanagaram mainly due to the existence of a huge hillock which seemed to have been carved out entirely off one stone. Warangal takes you back to the era of kings and queens with its beautiful historical sites. Warangal natural beauty is no less impressive and the Parkhal Lake and wildlife sanctuaries are also definitely worth checking out. Warangal also houses a National Institute of Technology(NIT) which has made it a famous student hub today. Download Warangal PDF Guide > What's Great? Great architectural and historic monuments. What's not so Great? Difficult to reach. For Whom Warangal is a great place for history and architecture lovers.

History of Warangal The history of Warangal dates back to 1195 CE when it was called Orugallu and was ruled by the Kakatiya dynasty and was the capital city of the kingdom. Rani Rudrama Devi from within the Kakatiya dynasty became the first woman to rule the Telugu region. The Kakatiya rulers left behind a lot of impressive monuments including a fortress, four huge gateways, Swayambhu temple dedicated to Shiva. After the defeat of the Kakatiya rulers, Warangal came under the rule of the Delhi Sultanate for fifty years. Later, it became a part of Bahmani Sultanate and finally the Sultanate of Golconda. Aurangzeb- the Mughal emperor, conquered Golconda in 1687 and Warangal stayed under the Mughal empire till 1721, after which it became a part of Hyderabad. Very recently, after the Telangana movement, Telangana came into being on 2nd June 2014 and Warangal became the second largest state after Hyderabad. Culture of Warangal Warangal is the seat of Telugu traditions and has a fascinating and captivating culture. The most dominated religions of Warangal include Hinduism and Islam. Telugu is the most prominent language of the region, Urdu being the next. Usually, the women prefer to dress in sarees, and the men wear dhoti and cotton shirts. However, with recent development, people are shifting to more western clothing options including- jeans, t-shirts etc. As Warangal is a Hindu- Muslim dominated area, the festivals celebrated are Diwali, Holi, Eid, Ugadi etc. Howbeit, a few Andhra Pradesh exclusive festivals like- Bonalu Festival (worship of goddess Mahakali), Bathukamma festival (festival of flowers), Kakatiya festival, shakambari festival (worship of goddess Shakambhari) and Sammakka- some people also celebrate Sarakka festival (tribal festival honouring the goddesses). It also has an excellent architecture inspired by the Kakatiya dynasty, Jainism, Chalukya dynasty and the Mughals. Inspired by the Hyderabadi and the south-Indian cuisine, Warangal food has spicy and tangy flavours. Hyderabadi biryani, haleem, idli-dosa and tangy curries are some of the famous foods of the place. It also has a flourishing handicraft industry. Shopping in Warangal Warangal has a thriving and prospering handicraft industry. Other items include brass lamps, carpets, paintings etc. Lepakshi Handicrafts is one famous brand located at Podduturi Complex. Khadi is another thriving industry of Warangal. For premier and echt khadi products, you can visit Khadi Gramodyog Bhandar which has two outlets in Hanamkonda and Subedari each. Other shopping places include Cherial, Kothawada, DWCRA Bazaar etc.

Itinerary Day 1:Arrive in Warangal, visit the Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanamkonda. Have a sumptuous lunch at Geeta Bhavan. Proceed to the Warangal Fort. Stroll the gardens of Ekashila Children?s Park and watch the Laser Show held in the fort premises. Day 2:Visit the Ramappa Temple in the morning. Then, move to Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, spend some time with nature. You can visit some local markets in the evening before returning to buy souvenirs for yourself.

Restaurants and Local Food in Warangal The food in Warangal is characteristically spicy and the menu of this town offers one both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The local specialties of the area areLaskora Unda, Hyderabadi Biryani, Jalebis, Pickles, Gram powder vegetables and more. A number of places here also serve North-Indian and South-Indian cuisines. View 2 Restaurants in Warangal >>

Sep-Apris the best time to visit Warangal Warangal district hosts the Sammakka-Sarakka Jatra or congregation festival . It is a biannual fair in which approximately 5 million people participate. Best time to visit is from September to April. Weather in Warangal Loading... Warangal in Summer (April - June) The heat is unbearable. The temperature ranges between 20 to 40 degrees Celsius during the summer season. Warangal in Monsoon (July - September) Warangal experiences heavy rainfall. The temperature ranges between 22 to 34 degrees Celsius. Warangal in Winter (October - March) The winter season is the best season to visit the place. The weather remains cool during this time. The temperature ranges between 13 to 32 degrees Celsius. Monthly Weather in Warangal Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 15 29 February 17 33 March 21 36 April 25 40 May 27 41 June 24 34 July 23 31 August 23 31 September 22 29 October 20 30 November 17 30 December 16 31

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