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"A blend of natural and spiritual abundance" Goalpara Tourism Assam is considered one of the top tourist spots in all of India, thanks to its stunning landscape, picturesque hill towns and all around ataraxy. One such hidden gem of the state is the district of Goalpara. Goalpara not only gives you a let-out from the regular monotony of life with its natural wilderness, but it is also a popular pilgrimage place owing to its umpteen number of temples and rich culture. Stupas and monuments are the key highlights here. The place also offers myriad trekking, rock climbing and other adventure activities. Download Goalpara PDF Guide > What's Great? Mild summers. Pleasant weather almost throughout the year. A variety of tourists places. Generous people. What's not so Great? You might face language problems. Infrequent public transport. For Whom Goalpara is perfect for those who want to know the crux of Assam culture. Great place for religious people.

Sustainable Development in Goalpara Goalpara is one of the cleanest towns in the state, thanks to its sustainable development techniques and the cleanliness drives. More than 2000 buildings in the town have been painted blue to give an overall calm to the city. In addition to that, the place gets a uniform look and hence, appears to be neater. It stands next in line to the pink city Jaipur. Also as part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the number of cleanliness workers have been increased significantly. Large numbers of dustbins have been installed outside shops and houses. Tree Plantation drives keep taking place on a regular basis to promote afforestation. Besides, several direction plates have been installed on the roads for the convenience of the public with overhead sodium lights. Thus, making Goalpara one of the greenest and most regulated town in the whole of Assam. Natural Habitat Goalpara is known for its rich wildlife and dense forests. It is home to numerous rare and endemic plant and animal species. But lately, due to tremendous tourism pressure and human traffic, there has been a considerable loss of biodiversity and disbalance in the ecosystem. The forests were originally covered with Sal (Shorea Robusta) trees, however, there has been a large-scale decline in the vegetation due to exploitation and encroachment. The rapid depletion of the forest cover has not only brought about environmental changes but has also led to the extinction of various floral and faunal species. Festival of Bihu Though the people of Assam celebrate the traditional festivals like Diwali and Durga Puja, there are some unique and enthralling festivals which are celebrated with vim and vigour. One of them is the festival of Bihu. There are three Bihu celebrations which depend on the timing of crop cycle. The Rongali Bihu is a prominent one since it marks the beginning of an Assamese new year. The other two are Magh Bihu and Kati Bihu. This festival is associated with farming, and people enjoy by performing Bihu dance. It is a secular festival which people celebrate with unity. The most colourful of all the three Bihu festival is the Rongali Bihu which is celebrated in April. On the first day, women make sweets like larusfrom rice and coconut. Cows are washed and worshipped. Rongali Bihu ends after fourteen days after which the other two Bihu festivals start. The energy and ecstasy of Assamese during this festival reach another level which you should witness.

Itinerary Day 1:Reach Goalpara by morning and check into your hotel. After relaxing for a while, you can start your trip by visiting Surya Pahar. Then, you can head out to Tukeswari Temple. Both these places are located at a distance of around 15 km. So, exploring these places will take around five hours. Have lunch and go to Barpeta. It is just one hour drive from Goalpara. Day 2:Start your day early in the morning to visit Kokrajhar. It is a small town and has many interesting places like temples and sanctuaries. If you manage to come back by evening, then you can head out to Nandeswar Devalaya. Day 3:Get ready for an exciting trip to Manas National Park. Enjoy seeing the different kinds of flora and fauna. Then, you can visit the famous Dadan hills or if you want to visit some more religious places, Goalpara has many temples to offer you like Shyamrai Satra and Joybhum Kamakhya Temple.

Restaurants and Local Food in Goalpara The cuisine of Assam is a fresh and natural standout a country's cuisine which is full of spices and elaborate cooking styles. The food here is subtle, simple, cooked with lesser oil and local herbs, making it one of the most natural and healthy menus of the country. In Goalpara you can either venture out and try local cuisines such asLaksa, Tenga, Khar, fish delicacies and more at the local street outlets or relish the same richness of the food of Assam in the handful number of restaurants found here. View 2 Restaurants in Goalpara >>

Oct-Mayis the best time to visit Goalpara Goalpara offers welcoming season almost throughout the year except in the monsoons. Frequent showers make it uncomfortable for tourists to explore the city. In summers, the temperature is not too high, and heat is bearable. Nevertheless, the best time to visit Goalpara is in winter season from October to February since the weather is pleasant and cool. Weather in Goalpara Loading... Goalpara in Summer (March-June) The summer season hits the city in March and lasts until June. The mercury starts soaring up, but the summers in Goalpara are not very harsh. The maximum temperature remains around 31 degrees Celcius, and the minimum is 15 degrees Celcius. Goalpara in Monsoon (July-September) From July, monsoon season starts approaching. Goalpara witnesses quite heavy rainfall and July is considered to be the rainiest month. The temperature remains between 18 to 21 degrees Celcius. It is better to avoid visiting the city during this time because rainfall restricts outdoor activities. Goalpara in Winter (October-February) Winter season takes over the monsoon season from October onwards, and the temperature starts falling. The weather remains pleasant as the temperature lingers between 28 to 15 degrees Celcius which is neither too low or too high. This is the best time to visit Goalpara. Monthly Weather in Goalpara Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 10 26 February 12 28 March 14 29 April 18 31 May 21 31 June 21 31 July 25 31 August 25 34 September 24 33 October 21 33 November 16 30 December 12 27

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