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Ideal Duration : 1 day Best Time : October to March
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"Land of the Satras" Barpeta Tourism One of the major cities in Western Assam, located around 90 kilometres (56 mi) north west ofGuwahati, Barpeta derives its names from 'Bar' meaning big and 'Peta' meaning pond. Hence, as the name suggests, Barpeta means land of big ponds and in old days Barpeta was full of such ponds. Download Barpeta PDF Guide > What's Great? Rich in culture and history. Loads to sightsee. What's not so Great? Not very conveniently linked. It is kind of isolated. For Whom Barpeta is ideal for those who love travelling to destinations that are rich in culture, traditions and history. It can be visited on the way to Manas National Park. This historical place attracts tourists from all corners of the country. It has a beautiful landscape making it quite apt for nature lovers as well. 

The Land of Satras Barpeta is based in the district of Barpeta in the Indian state of Assam. It is the headquarter of its district. Barpeta is notable as a temple town or the Satra Nagari. It is also one of the many administrative districts of Assam. The Satras or the temples that can be seen here bear a witness to the reforms of an Assamese scholar, reformer, saint and exponent, Srimanta Sankardeva. The Satras have influenced the lifestyle and culture of the people living here. The Satra have opened universities drama, ivory work, sculpture and music are taught. Barpeta Satra is among one of the must visit places in the town. This Satra is about 500 years old and still hold equal significance like the older days.

One Day Itinerary Reach Barpeta in the morning. Spend your day at the Manas National Park. Visit the Brahmaputra river in the evening to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Restaurants and Local Food in Barpeta Assamese cuisine is a blend of cooking habits from the hills, that is drying and fermenting and the use of fresh vegetables and lots of fishes from its ponds and rivers. The main ingredient here is the rice. This cuisine is known for its very little use of spices, little cooking and strong flavors, due to the use of fruits and vegetables that are either fresh, dried or fermented. They use a wide variety of fish, duck, squab etc.They usually make use of the Bhuna cooking technique, that is gentle frying of spices before adding the main ingredients of the dish.Here, the must tries are bhaat (rice) with dal (lentils), masor jool (fish curry), with mangso (meat curry). Fish curries made of rou, illish, or chitol are a favorite. If not a curry, simply fried fish. Birds like ducks and pigeon are also used in dishes. Pork and Mutton dishes are mainly popular among the younger generation

Oct-Maris the best time to visit Barpeta The best time to visit Barpeta is during October - January, while the town can be visited all round the year. Local attractions and tourist spots can be visited at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening or night, as suitable for travelers. Weather in Barpeta Loading... Barpeta in Summer (March - June) The summers in Barpeta are extremely hot and humid. It is best to avoid visiting Barpeta during these months. Barpeta in Monsoon (July - October) This region experiences heavy rainfall and hence it is better to avoid visiting Barpeta during the monsoon months. Barpeta in Winter (November - February) Winters are the best time to visit Barpeta as the weather is pleasant with soft and refreshing breezes. Monthly Weather in Barpeta Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 11 26 February 13 28 March 16 29 April 20 30 May 23 31 June 24 31 July 25 32 August 25 34 September 24 33 October 21 33 November 17 30 December 13 27

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