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Ideal Duration : 1-2 days Best Time : Throughout the Year
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"The Bridge on the Indian Ocean" Rameswaram Tourism Rameshwaram is one of the holiest places in India and is located on a beautiful island. It is separated by a small Pamban channel from Sri Lanka. According to the Hindu mythology, this is the place where Lord Rama created a bridge across the sea to Sri Lanka. Rameshwaram is located on a beautiful island in the lower side of India. Lord Shiva too is worshipped in this place. Renowned for its magnificent prakaras with massive sculptured pillars on either side, The Ramanathaswamy Temple houses the longest corridor in the world. Agniteertham is famous for its sacred waters and Pilgrims perform poojas in honour of their ancestors at this seashore. The Five-faced Hanuman Temple holds the floating stone which was used to build the bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Download Rameswaram PDF Guide > What's Great? Natural beauty, less crowded. What's not so Great? Extremely hot in summers. For Whom Being one of the 'Char Dham', Rameswaram is usually visited by pilgrims for all over India. The coastal town is also perfect for adventure lovers and explorers mainly from the cities in South India.

The Island of epics Named after Lord Ram, Rameswaram is a living memoir of The Ramayana. A beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, Rameswaram attracts a lot of tourists round the year for its natural beauty and religious importance. While the several temples and 'tirthams' instil our belief in the stories of the Ramayana we have heard since our childhood, the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the mysterious ambience of this coastal town turns on the explorer in us. Separated from the mainland by the Pambam channel, a ride to this 'Dham' of Hindu belief, along the Pambam Bridge is an experience you are sure to cherish all your life.

Itinerary Day 1 -Start of your sightseeing with the famous Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, Five faced Hanuman Temple, Ramjharokha Temple and the mysterious Dhanushkodi.Day 2 -Start off your day with a glass boat ride along Pambam bridge or trek to Gandhamadhana Parvatam.Day 3 -You may visit the water bird Sanctuary in Ramanathapuram. You can also visit the home of former President Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam. For people interested in water sports, there are a few water sports activities like snorkelling and windsurfing available in Holy Island Beach Rameswaram.

Throughout the yearis the best time to visit Rameswaram Rameshwaram has a tropical climate and can be visited any time of the year. However, the best time to visit is from October to April. The Monsoons (July to September) are humid with average rainfalls, but, the scenic view of the coastal region during these months is enjoyable. Winters (November to February) are cool and temperature comes down to 17 degrees Celcius. This is the most pleasant season for sightseeing and visiting neighbourhoods. Weather in Rameswaram Loading... Rameswaram in Summer (March - June) Temperature of Rameswaram remains in the range of 32°C to 43°C in summers. Due to the hot and humid climate, the city does not receive many tourists and hotel rates drop down during this season. Rameswaram in Monsoon (July - October) Though monsoons are humid, August-October offers a good climate to explore Rameswaram as temperatures drop down during this season. Rameswaram in Winter (December - February) Winters in Rameswaram are pleasant as the minimum temperature remains at an average of 15° C during this season. The windy surroundings in winter provide the perfect season to indulge in outdoor activities in Rameswaram. Monthly Weather in Rameswaram Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 22 31 February 22 33 March 25 36 April 28 40 May 28 38 June 27 38 July 27 36 August 27 37 September 26 36 October 26 35 November 25 32 December 23 32

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