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Ideal Duration : 1 day Best Time : October to March
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"Taming the wild." Rajabhatkhawa Tourism Known largely for being adjacent to Buxa Tiger Reserve, Rajabhatkawa has more to offer than just this. In addition to the Tiger Reserve, it has some beautiful ancient temples, nature centers and much more. Rajabhatkawa is often ignored while people make their way to the Buxa Tiger Reserve. But taking out a day or two, apart from the time spent at the Buxa Reserve may be well worth it. The small semi rural town has been left untapped by tourists but offers some revered temples, excursion trips and nature interpretation centers. Download Rajabhatkhawa PDF Guide > What's Great? Good trekking trail through the forest. Surrounded by dense forest making it free of pollution. What's not so Great? If you plan to stay here overnight, there is very limited accommodation option. For Whom Rajabhatkawa is ideal for family vacationers or for the ones who love nature and wildlife. As it falls on the way to Buxa Tiger Reserve, it makes for a good stopover. 

One Day Itinerary Depending on the time you have, your itinerary can be adjusted to cover Rajabhatkawa in just one day or spend as many as four days. After having settled in, you can start the exploration of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. You will be given a tour guide and a car (if you plan to take the park safari). Although the guide will make sure you cover all the important areas, you may want to mention some important areas like the Buxa Fort and the One Horned Rhino to him, so that you don't miss out on them. You may also want to spend a small part of your time in Buxa trekking. The nearly 15 km trek will take you from Buxa to Jayanti Riverside, where you can enjoy the calm blowing winds and experience the splendour of the Bhutan Himalayas. The next day, you can start with the Nature Interpretation Centre, in the main town and then walk down to Kali Temple, followed by Shiv Temple, about 8 km off the city.

Restaurants and Local Food in Rajabhatkhawa There are numerous dhabas and tea stalls that line the highway, as you enter Rajabhatkawa. The Buxa Guest house and Bunglow also have their own eating joints. In addition to that, some restaurants are located on the trekking path, as you go towards the Shiv and Kali temple.

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Oct-Maris the best time to visit Rajabhatkhawa Visiting the place is best done in winters between the months of October and March. The temperatures are lower and make it easier for you to travel in the sun. Also, the Buxa Tiger Reserve is closed between June and September for tourists. So going in monsoons becomes pointless. Weather in Rajabhatkhawa Loading... Rajabhatkhawa in Summer (April - June) Summer months start from April and continue till June. These months are hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 26 to 30 degrees Celcius.Thus, it is not an ideal time to visit this town. However, if you are planning to go to Buxa Tiger Reserve, then summers are perfect for spotting of tigers and other wild animals. Rajabhatkhawa in Monsoon (July - August) Rajabhatkawa receives heavy rainfall in the moths of July and August. Since the town is situated on the foothills of Himalayas, landslides are a common sight during these months. Rajabhatkhawa in Winter (October - March) Winters are ideal for visiting this town as the weather is fantastic. The scenic beauty is just amazing as the monsoon season turns the surrounding forests lush green. The temperature here ranges around 11 to 17 degrees Celcius. Monthly Weather in Rajabhatkhawa Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 3 21 February 3 24 March 9 24 April 16 27 May 14 28 June 11 29 July 16 28 August 18 32 September 17 28 October 11 29 November 6 26 December 5 23

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