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Ideal Duration : 1 day Best Time : September to February
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Nathdwara Tourism Nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills, the charming town of Nathdwara is literally translates to "The Gateway of the Lord'. It is situated in the heart of Rajasthan, on the banks of river Banas and is a pristine picturesque location. It is also a sacred Hindu site and is flocked by thousands of tourists every year. Nathdwara is also famous for "Pichwai Paintings" which are traditional Rajasthani style paintings and terracotta work. It is considered the hub of traditional handicrafts, arts and artefacts. This town also owes its name to this famous temple given the fact that Nathdwara literally translates to 'Gateway to Shrinathji'. This place is also considered to be a foodie's paradise with a lot of options available for the tourists. All in all, Nathdwara is a wealthy town in terms of its architecture and religious significance. Download Nathdwara PDF Guide > What's Great? Picturesque scenery. Great place for Pilgrimage. What's not so Great? Has extreme weather with hot summers and cold winters. Not much to explore apart from the temples. For Whom Nathdwara is a great place for pilgrims and devotees of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna's Abode Nestled beautifully amongst the Aravallis, Nathdwara is situated on the banks of the River Banas. The name "Nathdwara" can be attributed to the "Entrance of the Lord". This mesmerising town is surrounded by a wide range of ancient temples, truly looking like the threshold of Lord's abode. History of Nathdwara The history of Nathdwara can be traced back to 1665. Back in those times the idol of Shrinathji- which is a 14th century, 7 years old infant? incarnation of Lord Krishna, was originally seated in Vrindavan, Mathura. When Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb began philandering the city, the community heads decided that it was time to move the idol to a safer place to escape the wrath and destruction of the king. The idol stayed in Agra for around 6 months before it started travelling again. While travelling through Nathdwara, it is believed, that the bullock carts carrying Lord Krishna?s idol halted and refused to move any further. The priest saw this as a sign of Lord Krishna?s will to stay there. Hence, a temple was built there and gradually a township developed around the area, which later came to be known as Nathdwara- ?Gateway to Lord?s Abode?.

One Day Itinerary Arrive in the city and start off by visiting the centre attraction- the temple of Shrinathji. Once you have paid homage to the sacred site, you can proceed to Rakht Talai- where the famous battle of Haldighati was fought. You can also find a museum just next to it, which houses the statues of famous warriors. In the evening you can visit the Dwarkadheesh temple, which is the most important temple of the Vaishnavas.

Restaurants and Local Food in Nathdwara Nathdwara is a foodie's paradise. Funnily, eating is a hobby of this town. Roadside food stalls famous for their yummy, scrumptious and delicious on-the-street food are flooded with people in between darshan timings. Be it vegetarian or non vegetarian, everyone's hunger needs are looked after here. The thandai and the khaman are the specialties here. View 3 Restaurants in Nathdwara >>

Sep-Febis the best time to visit Nathdwara September to February are the best months to visit Nathdwara. The climate is at the extremes here. The summers are unbearably hot with temperatures reaching up to 42 degrees Celcius. The winters are relatively cooler with the days having an average temperature of 26 degrees Celcius, while the nights are as cool as 9 degrees Celcius. The best time to visit this place would be during the months of September to February. Weather in Nathdwara Loading... Nathdwara in Summer (March - June) Summers of Nathdwara are extremely hot and exhausting. The temperature ranges from 28 to 43 degrees Celsius. Nathdwara in Monsoon (July - September) Periodic rainfalls make Nathdwara look very beautiful during this season. This would also be a good time to explore the natural beauty. Nathdwara in Winter (November - February) Winters are the best season to be here. The climate is pleasantly cool and the temperature ranges from 6 to 26 degrees Celsius. Monthly Weather in Nathdwara Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 9 24 February 12 29 March 16 33 April 23 39 May 27 41 June 28 38 July 25 32 August 24 30 September 23 34 October 19 32 November 12 30 December 10 28

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