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Ideal Duration : 1 day Best Time : October to March
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Nagarjunsagar Tourism Nagarjunasagar is a site of spectacular man-made marvel flanked by equally enchanting panoramic vistas of lush green surrounding. Lying in theNalgondaDistrict of Andhra Pradesh, the most popular landmark of the town is world's tallest masonry damNagarjunasagar dambuilt over Krishna River. With the capacity of irrigating around 10 acres of land, this modern architectural grandeur is a sight to behold. Other than that, the town is also renowned for much the talked about the excavation of Buddhist Civilization. An island named as Nagarjuna Konda lying amidst the man-made lake is a site where the relics of such great significance are preserved. In fact, the town got its present name from a Buddhist saint and scholar Acharya Nagarjuna. The town of Nagarjunasagar or Vijayapuri as it was earlier known is today blessed by the Mother Nature in full glory. Visit this absolutely bewitching site to connect yourself with nature and various aspects of Buddhism. Download Nagarjunsagar PDF Guide > What's Great? The place is not just quiet but also a treat to the eyes for its natural beauty. The Buddhism influence in the area adds an interesting aspect to tourism here. What's not so Great? Limited things to do. Ideal for a one-day picnic/ getaway for the locals of Andhra Pradesh. For Whom Nagarjunsagar qualifies for a quick day away from the city for a relaxed time with family and friends. You can consider taking your special someone for a quiet boat ride in the lake while enjoying the beautiful view.

One Day Itinerary Make sure you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes, carrying a backpack with the pre-requisites for a picnic, a camera and some touristy vibe as you set out to explore Nagarjuna Sagar. The thing about this place is that it's all about the vibe. There are fewer things to do and see but expect a long day of gasping at the beauty and impeccable heritage preserved in various corners here ever so beautifully. Spend the first half of your day the Nagarjuna Sagar. It's more than just a dam if you read and explore the place, there are so many interesting things about this dam that a few hours will pass away in the blink of an eye. It could be interesting to see how the irrigation system is run, how electricity is produced and fascinating how the dam is playing a physical boundary between adjacent states. After lunch, you could take a boat ride to Nagrjunakonda, a small island and learn about the ancient history and excavations retrieved from here. Keep around two to three hours for the Ethipothala waterfall which is formed by the coming together of three streams namely Nakka Vagu, Chandravanka Vagu and Tummala Vagu. Further ahead, you can check out the crocodile breeding centre and the Ranganath and Dattatrey temple which is at walking distance from the waterfall. End your day in the nearby town of Machrela by getting to know the local culture, people and cuisines of Andhra Pradesh. If you have an extra day in your hand, you could head to the Nagarjuna Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary in Srisailam. Spread across 3568 sq km, this sanctuary was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1983. The area covers almost five local districts and is a home to animals like langurs, jackals, macaques, monitor lizards, soft shells turtles and marsh crocodiles. Not just animals, it can be a delight for birdwatchers to be able to spot as many as 150 species of birds like grey hornbills and pea fouls. You can find accommodation in the form of hotels and guest houses within the sanctuary.

Restaurants and Local Food in Nagarjunsagar Nagarjunasagar being a town in Andhra Pradesh mainly served authentic Andhra cuisine. The food available in the town is absolutely lip-smacking.

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Oct-Maris the best time to visit Nagarjunsagar Nagarjunasagar, like all other cities of Andhra Pradesh, experiences typical tropical climatic conditions with scorching and humid summers. Winters in the town are moderately cool but might get a bit chilly during the peak time and are the preferred time to explore the majestic beauty of Nagarjunasagar. Weather in Nagarjunsagar Loading... Nagarjunsagar in Summer (March - May) March marks the beginning of summers in this region. The temperature typically keeps rising until May which makes this season the most dreaded among tourists. The average temperature during this season is in the bracket of 30 to as high as 41 degrees Celcius. It's uncomfortably hot and humid during this time. Nagarjunsagar in Monsoon (June - September) The state welcomes monsoon showers in the month of June and the season goes on till September. During this time, Nagarjuna Sagar receives very moderate rainfall. Please pack light to enjoy your time here when it rains. Nagarjunsagar in Winter (October - February) When compared with other months, December and January come across as the coldest for here. With the average temperature lying the bracket of 14 to 24 degrees Celcius in winters, it's warmer compared to an average hill station but makes for a pleasant getaway away from the chaos. Monthly Weather in Nagarjunsagar Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 17 30 February 19 33 March 22 36 April 26 39 May 27 40 June 24 35 July 23 32 August 23 32 September 23 30 October 21 32 November 18 31 December 18 31

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