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"World's Largest Fresh Water Island" Majuli Tourism Majuli is a lush green environment-friendly, pristine and pollution free fresh water island in the river Brahmaputra, just 20 km from theJorhatcity. With a total area of 1250 sq. km, Majuli is the world's largest river island and it attracts tourists from all over the world. Among one of the most surreal places in India, Majuli is also a strong contender for a place in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Mostly inhabited by Tribals, the culture of Majuli is unique and quite interesting and is one of the key reasons why people love this place so much. It is also called the cultural capital of Assam. The festivals celebrated here are all joyous and vibrant. The main festival in the town of Majuli is called Raas and witnessing it is an interesting spectacle." Download Majuli PDF Guide > What's Great? Crystal clear waters. Beautiful landscapes. One of the few cities in the world which heavily relies on waterways. Culturally diverse with different festivals like Ali aye ligang celebrated there. What's not so Great? Not connected by airways, roadways or railways directly. Not many accommodations are available here. Limited food options. Constant degradation of Majuli due to erosion. For Whom Majuli is perfect for those people who like to enjoy amidst the crystal clear waters. Majuli takes you to the other part of India which is unlike any other place. If you find affinity with islands and want a unique trip, then Majuli is the right place for you.

Assamese Architectural in Majuli Different parts of India show us glimpses of the various architectural styles. Majuli's buildings reflected the architectural style of the bygone era when the kings and queens used to rule. Many of the monuments are preserved due to their sheer significance regarding history and architecture. The Dakhinpat Satra in Jorhat District is an excellent example of the Assamese architectural style. The gates are decorated with pictures of flowers and animals. Various such paintings embellish the insides of Dakhinpat Satra. Nearby monuments like Tengapania are also famous for their Ahom architectural style which is popular in Assam.

Itinerary Day 1:Reach Majuli and check into a hotel. Visit Garmur which is a traditional spiritual site. First, go to Kamalabari Satra which carries cultural and religious significance. Then head towards Auniati where Assamese Jewellery and Handcrafted items are exhibited. Day 2:Go to Dakhinpat Satra which is a famous ancient site where a lot of devotees come to celebrate Rasotsava every year. Tengapania is situated near Brahmaputra river. The structure is magnificent and makes up for an excellent spot among tourists for picnics near Majuli.

Restaurants and Local Food in Majuli Majuli will not offer anything exquisite or unique but simple, ordinary and typical food with handful of popular items off the the local state menu can be found here. The options can be somewhat limited and you might want to carry some food from home for a trip to Majuli. The popular items that you might find here includeKhar, Laksa, Tengaand a few varieties of rice.

Jul-Maris the best time to visit Majuli The gorgeous river island of Majuli can be visited in winter Season. The cool temperature and the breathtaking vistas make the ambience beautiful. During the summers, the temperature is immensely high and can lead to humidity and nausea. It is best to avoid Majuli during summers. Monsoon is another good season to visit Majuli. The frequent showers bring alive the surroundings, and the atmosphere becomes beautiful. Weather in Majuli Loading... Majuli in Summer (March-June) Majuli can be hard to explore in the summer season. As the temperature increases, it becomes hard to roam around Majuli without sweating or feeling nauseous. Summer season starts in the month of March and can go on until June. Sometimes, the temperature can cross the 30 degrees Celsius mark. Majuli in Monsoon (July-September) Monsoon season starts from the month of July and can stretch till as long as September. Rainy season brings a new kind of freshness in the atmosphere of Majuli. The temperature ranges around 20 degrees Celsius during the monsoon season, and the weather remains cool throughout the season. Majuli in Winter (October-February) Winters are considered to be the best season to visit Majuli. Winter season starts from October and lasts until February. The temperature remains moderate, with the minimum temperature falling as low as 15 degrees Celsius. The cold temperature allows the weather of Majuli to stay pleasant. Monthly Weather in Majuli Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 11 26 February 14 27 March 17 27 April 21 28 May 22 30 June 25 32 July 25 31 August 27 34 September 25 32 October 23 32 November 17 29 December 13 27

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