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"Quaint little hilly town" Lansdowne Tourism Perched amidst the Garhwal Hills of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is a quaint little hill town that not many tourists know of. Off the beaten tourist trail, Lansdowne is an untouched, pristine town, miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Situated at 5670 feet above sea level, Lansdowne is more famously known for being home to the Garhwal Rifle regiment of the Indian Army. This hill station is neither commercialised nor heavily urbanised, making it the perfect getaway for anyone looking to take a break amidst peace and solitude. The local population of Lansdowne is surprisingly somewhere around just 20,000, and almost all the buildings in the town are fading reminders of the colonial era. The town itself gets its name from the then Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne. Surrounded on all sides by towering snow-capped mountains and lush green forests, Lansdowne has a pristine ambience that lures a steady number of tourists all year round. Being detached from the race of urbanization and commercialization, Lansdowne has an extremely laid-back air around the entire town. You can always check into a hotel, but the real atmosphere of Lansdowne is experienced by staying in the guest houses at the military cantonment itself. All these guesthouses are extremely reminiscent of the colonial period, and they offer a stunning view of the mountains from their balconies. Download Lansdowne PDF Guide > What's Great? Very peaceful and serene. Offbeat destination, hence less crowded. Good alternative for Rishikesh. What's not so Great? Nothing much to do apart from sightseeing. Foreigners are not allowed for the overnight stay without the visa permitting them to stay in a Cantonment area. For Whom For avid travellers and anybody who is looking for a peaceful getaway in the Garhwal region.

What Makes Lansdowne An Amazing Tourist Destination Lansdowne doesn't have a huge number of tourist attractions, but the ones it does have offer endearing experiences you will not get anywhere else. The most prominent tourist spot in Lansdowne is Tip-n-Top (also known as Tiffin Top), which is a hilltop in Lansdowne that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the mist-shrouded Shivalik range. Surrounded by towering oak and pine forests, this hilltop view point is an amazing place to view mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. An artificial lake named Bhulla Taal, a little away from the hilltop, is the ideal place to sit back and relax and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Bhulla Taal is a popular bird-watching spot, and it offers boat rides as well. Another hilltop viewpoint in Lansdowne that tourists frequent is Hawaghar, which, as the name suggests, is a place where you can literally feel the cold mountain air blowing through your hair as you look out towards the snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks. To get a feel of the town's history, visiting the Garhwali Mess is a must. One of the oldest existing British buildings in Lansdowne, the Garhwali Mess is now owned by the Indian Army, and offers realistic insight into India's post-Independence history. Other tourists spots in Lansdowne include St. Mary's Church, St. John's Church, and the Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial, which is a must-visit for history buffs. Lansdowne is known for its local Garhwali cuisine, so don't forget to try out the local delicacies such as Phaanu, Kafuli and Kulath ki dal, as well as desserts such as Arsa and Gulgula. The quieter side of Uttarakhand Lansdowne has been an important attraction for the tourists seeking a peaceful vacation away from the hustle-bustle of the cities. Lansdowne at times is a very good alternative for Rishikesh. Many travellers visit Lansdowne instead of Rishikesh to avoid the tourist rush. With the same scenic beauty, Lansdowne offers the tranquillity and antiquity of the British era. History of Lansdowne Located in the Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, the history of Lansdowne is culturally influenced by the British rule during the Raj era. Earlier known as ?Kalundanda? meaning Black hill in Garhwali, the place got its name after the then Viceroy of India Lord Lansdowne in 1857. The British rulers established the Garhwal Rifles cantonment of the armed forces here, and the first battalion was shifted from Almora to Lansdowne. The untouched serenity and calmness made it an ideal escape for troops and troopers to hide in. Central Lansdowne cradles one of the oldest war museums, maintained and only accessible by the army which showcases the historical influences this place holds.

Itinerary Day 1:Arrive at Dehradun airport or Kotdwar railway station. Transfer to Lansdowne in a private cab. Check-in at the hotel. Visit St John's Church and Darwan Singh Regimental museum.Day 2:Trek to Tiffin Top, to enjoy the beautiful and panoramic view of the Shivalik ranges. Visit the Bhulla Lake and enjoy the serene ambience. Later, visit the Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple, located at an elevation of 2092 meters.

Restaurants and Local Food in Lansdowne The most delicious and convenient option for food here would be the hotels, lodges and resorts, since there aren't too many restaurants here. One can find Chinese, Indian, Mughlai, Marwari, Garhwali as well as Continental cuisines. One can also relish Chinese, Tibetan as well as a number of non-vegetarian delicacies here. The local cuisine of Uttarakhand the you might find here includesBhaang Ki Khatai, Kappa (a green curry), Sisunak Saag(a dish prepared with green leafy vegetables and many local ingredients), Aloo ke Gutke( a Kumauni potato dish), Rus ( a preparation of many dals)and more. View 2 Restaurants in Lansdowne >>

Throughout the yearis the best time to visit Lansdowne The weather is brilliant throughout the year. It can get extremely cold in the winters with the temperatures dropping to 0 degree Celsius. The summers are pleasant with maximum temperature around 25 degree Celsius. The area becomes even prettier during the monsoons (July-September). Sharadotsav Festival during the autumn is also a good time to visit Lansdowne. Weather in Lansdowne Loading... Lansdowne in Summer (April - June) The Summers are quite pleasant in Lansdowne. The temperature ranges from 15 to 30 degrees celsius. You can enjoy the clear skies, warm weather and trekking during Summers. Lansdowne in Monsoon (July - September) Monsoon isn't the off-season for Lansdowne. Although a lot of people avoid travelling due to sudden rain, but Lansdowne looks mesmerising and fresh after the few rain showers. Lansdowne in Winter (October - March) The temperature in Winters ranges from 0 to 20 degrees celsius. You can experience snowfall by the end of the year and in the month of January. Monthly Weather in Lansdowne Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 8 17 February 11 22 March 14 25 April 20 31 May 23 32 June 24 32 July 24 29 August 24 29 September 23 29 October 19 28 November 13 25 December 10 20

Events in Lansdowne Mahashivarathri Festival In Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple 4th March The Tarakeshvar Mahadev Temples in India, are considered to be the spiritual abode of Lord Shiva. The one at Lansdowne, like other Lord Shiva temples, witnesses the annual celebration of the Mahashivaratri festival. Devotees from different parts of the country come in large numbers and offer their prayers to the Lord. Sharadotsav Festival 15th - 19th October Sharadotsav or the Festival of Durga is an annual festival of the Hindus that celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon, Mahishasura. The entire festival lasts for a period of 10 days, but it's the last 5-6 days which are celebrated with much pomp and show.

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