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Ideal Duration : 1 day Best Time : October to February
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Karimganj Tourism Away from the blaring noises of cities, Karimganj is a small sleepy town of Assam steeped in the beauty of nature. Karimganj is the biggest city and administrative headquarter in the district. Situated in the southernmost part of the state, the region majorly consists of wetlands and farms for which it is known as the agriculture district in Assam. It serves as a perfect place to relax and unwind amid the lush green surroundings and besides the meandering rivers. It is an important centre of trade and commerce with important resources that it exports to several states and other countries. With a thick cover of trees, forest produces are a very important means of resource for the livelihood of the people. Karimganj has an intense pool of culture associated with local tribes, languages, and traditions that are exclusive to their place of origin.  Sharing its border with Bangladesh, the town is adorned with two major rivers Kushiara and Longai. A long rumbling canal called Noti Khal is also featured by the place which helps connect the two rivers creating a balance of the water level. Dotted with not many tourist attractions, a visit to the town of Karimganj gives you the opportunity to connect with the nature. The several forests near the town are waiting to be explored while providing the natural habitat for wildlife and birds. Download Karimganj PDF Guide > What's Great? A peaceful vacation spot full of scenic beauty. Negligible pollution. What's not so Great? Limited options for accommodation. The cuisine is predominantly Assamese which might be a problem for some travellers. For Whom Karimganj is an ideal destination for people looking to relax and unwind amidst lush green surroundings. It is for nature lovers who love the idea of going to offbeat places. It is perfect for families, friends and couples. Bird watchers and photographers must visit this sleepy town in Assam. 

One Day Itinerary Karimganj is a small town that can very well be enjoyed in a single day. Begin your day early in the morning with a stroll in the morning hues, while basking in the glory of nature's beauty. After breakfast at your hotel, head on to devour the beautiful sights of the Chhatachura Range and moving on to Malegarh Crematorium to pay your homage to the soldiers of 1857 revolt. Break for lunch to enjoy some delicious Assamese food. Your next stop should be the Kushiara River and then River Singla. Make sure you relish each moment of solitude and serenity in this town and end your day with a warm and nice dinner at your hotel.

Restaurants and Local Food in Karimganj Being located in the state of Assam, Karimganj serves mainly Assamese cuisine. Kholasapori Pitha, Till Pitha, Dhaniar Bor, Tenga and Macch Bojha (Fish Fry) are among the famous dishes of the town.

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Oct-Febis the best time to visit Karimganj Karimganj experiences hot and uncomfortable summers (March, April, and May) with maximum temperature going up to 32 degrees Celcius. The winters (October-January) are moderately cold but pleasant enough to enjoy and explore the town. Hence, it is best to visit the town between the months of October and February. The monsoon season in the area receives heavy rainfall i.e. during the months of July to September, and thus it is recommended to avoid travelling during this time. Weather in Karimganj Loading... Karimganj in Summer (April - June) This is the least advisable time for a visit to Karimganj. The harsh summers, with temperatures rising to as high as 40 degrees Celcius repel the visitors from making a visit to this place. Karimganj in Monsoon (July - September) Although this is a good time to visit the site, the travel plans, especially for the outdoors, might be ruined by the heavy rainfall. However, being an offseason, this is the best time for budget travellers visiting this place. Karimganj in Winter (October - March) This is the best time for a visit to Karimganj. Despite a drop in temperatures, the climate is moderate and the ambience cool and pleasant. This is also the season when travellers visiting Karimganj increase in numbers. Monthly Weather in Karimganj Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 11 26 February 14 28 March 17 28 April 21 30 May 23 32 June 24 31 July 25 31 August 25 33 September 24 31 October 23 31 November 17 28 December 13 26

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