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Ideal Duration : 1 day Best Time : October to March
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Hazaribagh Tourism Located in the Chhota Nagpur plateau, 93 Km away fromRanchi, Hazaribagh is a beautiful place with dense forests and natural formations including rock formations and lakes. The forests in Hazaribagh are mostly unexplored and are in its best and purest form with full of greenery. Hazaribagh is located two thousand meters above sea level on the middle plateau (one of the three divisions of Chotanagpur plateau). There are rock strong adamant hills which are lush green with a touch of mud and rocks. The main mountains being Jilinjia which is 3057 m and Chandwa 2816 m. The Hazaribagh national park which is spread across 135km of area, accords the best sight seeing experience as beautiful birds of rarest species chirps the welcome songs for you. Download Hazaribagh PDF Guide > What's Great? Moderate climate throughout the year, scenic beauty. What's not so Great? No rail network, hence a little difficult to reach. For Whom Hazaribagh is a perfect weekend getaway for people living in Jharkhand and West Bengal. The lush green city attracts nature lovers and tourists who wish to take a break from their hectic life.

Land of a thousand gardens Situated in Jharkhand, on the Chotanagpur plateau, Hazaribagh is a perfect health resort with its dense forests and scenic beauty. Rich with exotic flora and fauna, 'Hazaribagh' or a land of thousand gardens boasts of a National Park. The moderate climate all through the year and the lush green hills attracts a lot of trekkers and rock climbers to this city. A popular place for nature lovers, the beauty of Hazaribagh is further amplified with engineering marvels like the Hazaribagh Jheel. Overall, Hazaribagh is a treat for the eyes, mind and soul and is sure to rejuvenate a tourist and fill him with new energy. Hotspot of Culture and Religion Located on the pious Parasnath Hill, the birthplace of the 23 Jain Tirthankaras, Hazaribagh protects several sites of immense religious importance of the Jains and Hindus. The Rajrappa temple on the confluence of the Damodar and Bhairavi rivers, influenced by the Tantric style of architecture is a major site for Hindu pilgrims. Hazaribagh has cave paintings dating back to the mid stone age which is of huge archaeological value. These sites provide evidence of the rich culture, the city has experienced over the ages. Hazaribagh has several surprises for foodies and offers several dishes inspired by both Bengali and Bihari communities.

One Day Itinerary While you are in Hazaribagh you shouldn't miss two things, Hazaribagh national park and Hazaribagh lake. You can start your day by visiting Hazaribagh national park and observe nature and wildlife in its purest form. You can spend three to four hours here and then head off to Hazaribagh lake for boating and indulge into great food by Swarn Jayanti cafeteria there.

Restaurants and Local Food in Hazaribagh The real taste of Hazaribagh could be found in Khichdi Bihari litti, suran chutney, aaloo bhujia , litti chokha and many other. There is no end to the delicious dishes that this beautiful city has to offer, people here savour the taste of chutneys and pickles and Daal, bhaat (rice), roti, palak, mushroom and others are their staple diet. However there also is availability of Chinese, South Indian, Italian cuisines and mouth watering chaats around the town. View 2 Restaurants in Hazaribagh >>

Oct-Maris the best time to visit Hazaribagh Summers in Hazaribagh are uncomfortable with temperatures rising above 30 degrees Celcius. The monsoons, though a relief from the heat makes the forests unapproachable. The pleasant winter is the best time to enjoy the essence of Hazaribagh. Weather in Hazaribagh Loading... Hazaribagh in Summer (March - May) The temperature in summers ranges between 28 to 35 degrees Celcius in Hazaribagh. So, the city is usually avoided by tourists during these months. Hazaribagh in Monsoon (June - September) Rainfall in Hazaribagh during these months make sightseeing difficult and the forests difficult to explore. So, this is not a good time for tourists who wish to explore the natural greenery of the city. Hazaribagh in Winter (October - February) With average temperature around 15 degrees Celcius, winters in Hazaribagh are pleasant and perfect to experience the city in its natural shade. Monthly Weather in Hazaribagh Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 11 25 February 14 29 March 18 33 April 24 39 May 26 39 June 27 37 July 26 31 August 26 31 September 25 31 October 22 31 November 15 28 December 12 24

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