Dubare Tourism

3.9 / 5 Beaches, Hills Valleys

Ideal Duration : 1 day Best Time : September to May
Visit 6 Places
"A land of elephants" Dubare Tourism A sparkling past nestled in its forests and wildlife and an equally vibrant present interacting with the elephants and a number of adventure activities, Dubare is an experience you don't get to witness everyday. Dubare is an untamed beauty, popular for its elephant training camp where visitors can watch, learn about and get involved in a number of activities with the elephants creating a unique, enjoyable and memorable experience. It hilly terrain, backwaters are also the host of number of activities such as trekking, fishing and rafting. Download Dubare PDF Guide > What's Great? Extremely picturesque and refreshing. A perfect weekend getaway. The Elephant Camps make it a unique destination. What's not so Great? Poor roads in few areas. The local transportation is not very well developed. For Whom Located in the moist deciduous region of Karnataka, Dubare is popular among nature lovers and adventure lovers. It is a perfect weekend getaway for the people living in and around Karnataka. 

The Land of Elephants Located on the banks of the river Kaveri, Dubare is well known for its elephant camps which trained elephants for the royal Mysore Dussehra. Nestled in the thick, moist deciduous forests of Karnataka, Dubare offers a myriad of treats to nature lovers. Popular for the varied population of birds in the area, Dubare is a major attraction for bird watchers. The mysterious and serene ambience also makes it an ideal spot for trekking, fishing and river rafting.

Itinerary Day 1:Start your trip with an elephant ride in the forests of Dubare. You can indulge in various activities offered in the Dubare Elephant Camps. Enjoy bird watching in the region. Day 2: Rejuvenate yourself at Nisargadhama.

Restaurants and Local Food in Dubare There are limited options for food here and the most convenient choice for food and variety of cuisines are the resorts, hotels and lodges. These will serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food as well as authentic and delicious South-Indian dishes. One might find here local delicacies likeDosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Akki Roti, Jolada Roti, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Kesari Bath, Ragi Mudde, Uppittu, Vangi Bathand traditional and local sweets likeMysore pak, Chiroti etc.

Sep-Mayis the best time to visit Dubare Located in the southern India, Dubare faces a tropical temperature. Summers in Dubare are very hot and humid while monsoons and winters are pleasant. Thus, monsoons and winters are good seasons to visit the city. Weather in Dubare Loading... Dubare in Summer (March - June) The temperature of Dubare in remains in the range of 32 degrees Celcius to 43 degrees Celcius in summers. Due to the hot and humid climate, the city does not receive many tourists and hotel rates drop down during this season. Dubare in Monsoon (July - October) The region receives high rainfall in monsoons are humid, August-October offers a good climate to explore Dubare as temperatures drop down during this season. Dubare in Winter (December - February) Winters in Dubare are pleasant as the minimum temperature remains at an average of 15 degrees Celcius during this season. The windy surroundings in winter provide the perfect season to indulge in outdoor activities in Dubare. Monthly Weather in Dubare Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 21 33 February 22 34 March 24 34 April 25 34 May 25 33 June 23 30 July 23 29 August 23 29 September 23 29 October 24 31 November 23 32 December 21 32

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