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Far From City: 30 kms from city center
Cost: About Talacauvery Weather: Time Required:2-3 hrs Open Time:6:00 AM - 8:30 PM Cost:No entry fee

Pilgrimage Centre The temple here is dedicated to Goddess Kaveriamma. Another deity worshipped here is Lord Agasthiswara, who acts as the link between Kaveri River and Sage Agasthya and Lord Ganesh. Legends say that the Kaveri River was held in Sage Agastya's Kamandalu (a container of sacred water); when Lord Ganesha took the form of a crow and perched on it. When Agastya realised this, he tried shooing it away but to no success. Instead, the Kamandalu toppled it, and thereby Kaveri started flowing. Agasthya saw that the crow had disappeared. Instead there stood a small boy, who Agasthya thought was responsible for spilling the contents of his Kamandalu and hence, started chasing him with the aim to pound his head. Agasthya was aghast at the realisation that he wanted to pound the boy's head when finally the boy vanished and Lord Ganesha showed himself to Agasthya. As punishment, he knocked his own head. Head in the clouds A steep climb with 407 steps takes one to a hill which gives you a view of the surrounding mountain ranges. While climbing the hill, one feels closer and closer to the clouds. The proverb, "head in the clouds" becomes literally true. Even after being at altitude, one can still hear the music of the temple bells. Festival of Tula Sankaramana The festival of Tulasankaramma is celebrated in the town with grand pomp and show, usually in October. During this period, there is a sudden gush of water in the Brahma Kundike, the tank from where spring of River Kaveri emerges. Thousands of pilgrims swarm the place during this time to take a holy dip into the water and purify their souls.

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Best time to visit Talacauvery The best season or months to visit places in Talacauvery are from February - April and October - December. It is best to avoid visiting during the monsoons. How to Reach Talacauvery You can take the several buses offered by both KSRTC and private buses towards Bhagadamandala. There are a few buses from Bhagadamandala to take you to Talacauvery, which is just 7km away.

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Tips 1. Do remember to pack light and comfortable clothing, socks and walking shoes during summer.2. While visiting during winter, pack warm jackets and windcheaters as the temperature may fall below 0 degrees.3. Swimming is strictly prohibited in the tank water.4. Try to not travel down the temple road after nightfall.5. There are no shops available near the summit and the temple, so it's best to carry enough food and beverages to last the day.

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