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Far From City: 4 kms from city center
Cost: About Abbey Falls Weather: Time Required:1-2 hrs Open Time:9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Cost:INR 15

History of Abbey Falls The first British chaplain of Coorg named this place Jessy Falls after his daughter. After the departure of the British, the land came under the Government of India but the place surrounding the Abbey falls were covered in wilderness. Neravanda B. Nanaiah purchased the land from the Government and set up plantations all around the place, and the area has been private property since then. As the forests began to clear up, the natural beauty of the place came forth, exposing the alluring streams and waterfalls to the people. Things To Do at Abbey Falls People mainly visit the place for its astounding natural beauty and to behold the view of the waterfalls. Coming down from a height of 70 feet, it is a vision and beauty personified. It is one of the most attractive waterfalls, among the many of South India. The walk through the aromatic green gardens of coffee, cardamom and other plantations is yet another unique experience you will have. South India is famous for all such sorts of spices. The typical green carpet of Sahyadri is all over the undulating terrain of the place. The trek is not long for those with experience, only 15-20 minutes, but it is an enriching one. Undoubtedly, all this beautiful greenery and the gushing white falls provide for great clicking opportunities for those with a camera around their neck. Abbey Falls Timings & Entry Fee The Abbey Falls are open on all 7 days of the week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.The entry fees for the falls is INR 15 per person.

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Best time to visit Abbey Falls Being a non-perennial stream, Abbey falls feed on the rain like most rivers and falls of southern India. So if you want to see it in its full form, it is preferable that you visit during the monsoon. Thus, July to October is an ideal time. However, the rain makes the road down to the falls slippery and a bit unsafe. How to Reach Abbey Falls Madikeri is the closest main town from the falls, within a distance of 8-10 km. You can take public transport from there, like autos. Other cities are Mysore and Mangalore which are around 130 km away. However, since these are the places where tourists stay, take a cab or hire a car from the agency to reach the entry point of the falls. From there the walk downhill begins. There are facilities like washroom and parking available for the tourists. The parking fee is INR 30.

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Tips 1. You can check with the local drivers or if you have hired any car for the extended tour about the water availability and crowd density, in case you have a preference for less crowd or gushing stream of water.2. Carry water and light food with you as you will not find any on the way once you enter the falls area, and the walk is quite a handful. There are stalls though near the parking as well as the falls.3. Be on the lookout for leeches as they are common in such wet forests. Wear closed shoes always, which is also safe for all the walking. Carry salt with you to sprinkle on if a leech gets too cosy and does not want to leave your skin.

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