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"The land of Tigers in Maharashtra" Tadoba National Park Tourism Famous for its natural heritage, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is definitely one of India's most exciting and best protected Tiger Reserve, with most visible tiger sightings in the state of Maharashtra Tadoba national park is located in Chandrapur district ofMaharashtra. This place is an ideal weekend gateway for wildlife and nature lovers. Spotted in this region are rare species of flora and fauna, soothing your very being. Tadoba is famous for Tadoba national park, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve,Tadoba lake,Erai dam,MoharliandKhoslavillage. These attractions serves the tourists of an enchanting wildlife experience. Download Tadoba National Park PDF Guide > What's Great? Mild winters with pleasant weather. Rich in wildlife. Lush green vegetation with beautiful sceneries. Not too crowded. What's not so Great? Excessively hot summers. No adventures except jungle safari. No prominent tourists places. Sometimes, the safari can turn out to be not worthy if you do not spot animals. So, the trip depends on your luck. For Whom Perfect for wildlife lovers and those who love to know about animals. Good place for nature lovers too.

Exciting Wildlife Safari The wildlife safari in Tadoba is one of the most thrilling experience you can ever have. You get a chance to meet some of the rare wildlife creatures. The Tadoba National Park, which is the oldest and the largest reserve inhabits around 88 tigers. On a safari, you get to see not only tigers easily but also animals like leopards, sloth bears, gaur, jungle cats. Marsh crocodile which was once common can also be witnessed here. The beautiful and extravagant vegetation is an icing on the cake. The safety issue is not a problem. The safari jeeps are not dangerous and a guide accompanies you throughout the safari. Also, knowledgeable English speaking guides are there to give you useful information during the safari. It is available in early morning and afternoon hours. Make sure to book your tickets in advance. Online booking is also an option. The park remains open throughout the year. So, it is very easy to plan a trip.

Itinerary Day 1-Reach Tadoba by morning. Check into your hotel and after freshening up, you can start your day by visiting the gravity filled Erai dam. The total time to visit the place will be less than two hours. After taking lunch, you can head to some Tadoba markets for shopping. Though you will not find luxurious malls and branded items, but you can still explore them.Day 2-Set out for the most exciting part- the jungle safari. You can go either in the early morning which is around 5:00 AM or in the afternoon. But, former is better since chances of spotting rare animals are high. Spend around three or four hours enjoying the safari. Located in the middle of the reserve is the Tadoba lake. You can visit that also to see myriad varieties of birds.Day 3-If you are here for one more day, you can head out to Moharli village. It will take only one-hour maximum.

Restaurants and Local Food in Tadoba National Park Tadoba is usually a one-day adventure and though the area is brimming with enjoyment and attractions the cuisine options here are limited. It is advisable to carry your own food for a day-trip here.

Oct-Maris the best time to visit Tadoba National Park The summers in Tadoba are very hot while in winters, the temperature remains between 25 to 30 degrees Celcius which is not too low. In the months of March to June, mercury starts to rise. The sun shines too brightly and the heat is blistering. However, tiger spotting becomes easier during this time. From July onwards, monsoon sets in which make Tadoba rich in vegetation. And, winters take over by October. They are not so harsh. Weather in Tadoba National Park Loading... Tadoba National Park in Summer (March - June) From March onwards, the temperature starts soaring and can rise up to 47 degrees Celcius. Despite the scorching heat, this time is the best time to visit Tadoba since it is easy to sight animals near lakes and less vegetation increases visibility. Tadoba National Park in Monsoon (July - September) Monsoon hits Tadoba around July. Heavy rainfall is observed during this time and humidity is also high. This is certainly not the best time to visit since the weather is uncomfortable for safari and lush green vegetation makes it difficult to spot animals. Tadoba National Park in Winter (October - February) In the months of October to February, winter arrives giving relief from humid temperature. However, winters in Tadoba are not so cool. The weather remains pleasant and you can witness the beauty of nature which is at its peak in this period. This could also be the best time to visit the place. Monthly Weather in Tadoba National Park Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 14 30 February 17 34 March 21 37 April 26 42 May 29 43 June 28 38 July 25 31 August 26 31 September 25 32 October 20 33 November 14 30 December 12 30

Events in Tadoba National Park Tiger Spotting at Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve February - May One of the largest National Parks in India, Tadoba Andhari has about 43 tigers, one of the highest numbers in India. The lake offers a good habitat for the mugger crocodiles, another attraction for visitors. Try and visit from Feb to May, as the chances for a wildlife sighting are higher at this time.

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