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Far From City: 4 kms from city center
Cost: About Bund Garden Weather: Time Required:20 - 30 minutes Open Time:6:00 AM - 9:00 PM Cost:Free

Things to do at Bund Garden The Bund Garden is the ideal stop for a visitor if they are looking to have a family picnic, or a morning jog or just wants to enjoy the calm ambience of the garden. You can also enjoy a game of badminton or kho kho with your friends and relive the fun-filled experiences of childhood. Nature walks through the garden is an amazing expedition too, and you can spot various endemic birds flapping away into the trees. If you enjoy nature photography, don't forget to bring your camera and click a few pictures of nature in all of its charming glory here. You can also enjoy the thrills of a boat ride as you look around at the wonderful scenery, or have a quick snack at the roadside stalls that are in abundance nearby. Kids will have a gala time at the Bund Garden which has a number of swings for them to play around with. Bund Garden Bridge Located right near the Bund Garden is the Fitzgerald Bridge, which is also known as Bund Garden Bridge. Constructed in the year 1867 by the Britishers, this was the first spandrel arch bridge in the city of Pune connecting Bund Garden to China Garden. It was designed and constructed by Captain Robert S. Sellon of the Royal Engineers and a cost of 2 lakh rupees at that time was incurred. The edifice is built over the Mula-Mutha river and bears a statue of the Medici Lion at each end. The bridge itself is embellished with arched gateways which imparts it a royal look and is a must visit if you are visiting the Bund Garden. 

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How to Reach Bund Garden Bund Garden is located near the Pune Junction Station at a distance of 2 kilometres on the Bund Garden Road. Auto rickshaws are available from station at very cheap fare. You can also take the bus or hail a cab to this destination. 

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