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Snow world

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Far From City: 3 kms from city center
Cost: About Snow world Weather: Time Required:3-4 hours Open Time:11:00 AM - 8:00 PM Cost:Student (below class 10): INR 250, Student (above class 10): INR 300, Child (2ft to 4ft 6inch): INR 250, Adult (above 4ft 6 inch): INR 450

Amazing features of Snow World The park can accommodate about 2,400 visitors in a day. The visitors are gradually acclimatised to the lower temperatures, starting from 20 °C to 0 °C and finally to sub - zero temperatures. The visitors are provided proper clothing, shoes and some soup to keep up with the temperatures. The internal has the Cryo Zone which maintains a constant temperature of -5 °C. In addition to witnessing the beautiful snow that is abundant here, Snow world has a number of rides and features that will make your visit here even more enjoyable. You can always make some good old snowmen out of the flakes that are plenty here, or engage in a snowball fight! Live the life of an endearing eskimo and chill at the many igloos here. Slides that dump you right into a pile of snow, merry go rounds and ice bumping cars are the favourite sports of both kids and adults alike. Bring the hill stations to yourself with thrilling activities such as ice skating and snow sledging. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching the snow fall to the surface, you can fulfil your dream here at the Snow Park, which has snow falling throughout the year. The premises also have a horror house to give you the chills both inside and outside. Another interesting feature added here is the indoor go - karting facility, imagine go - karting in the snow!

Best time to visit Snow world Nobody wants to experience snow when it's freezing cold outside anyway, so the best time to visit snow world in Hyderabad is summer. So, in the month of May up to the month of September, you should consider visiting Snow World, because you are sweating and a little snow will be heaven. How to Reach Snow world Snow World lies right next to the Hussain Sagar Lake on the Lower Tank Bund Road, next to LIC colony that can be found with ease by asking any local. You can hire a cab to reach Snow World.

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Best Restaurants Nearby The premises has its own 'Ice Hotel' which has a number of snacks that you can binge on.  Tips 1. Cell phones aren't allowed inside and a special ticket has to be bought for carrying cameras2. Make sure you have taken proper health precautions before reaching visiting this place3. Entry starts half an hour before session time4. If you feel uncomfortable, you can exit and re-enter during your session time5. walk over the snow carefully as it might be slippery in places6. Collect shoe bags and deposit your footwear and collect the token7. No valuables allowed in shoe bags8. Keep track of your valuables9. Persons with heart & asthma problems and pregnant women must enter the Snow Area on doctor's advise only

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