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Dhamtari Tourism Home to the Chalukya empire of the 14th Century, Dhamtari is an important tourist town of Chattisgarh, also known for its temples. The town has a population of around 82000. It attracts a lot of tourists every year, particularly during the monsoon seasons to the Ravishankar Water Dam.It is also famous for its folk culture and wildlife sanctuary. Dhamtari is located along the banks of Mahanadi and its tributaries Pairy, Sendur, Sondur, Joan, Kharun and Shivnath. Paddy cultivation is common in these lands. The district still preserves its tribal history and culture in tribal hamlets and different traditional art forms like music, local cuisines and dance. Download Dhamtari PDF Guide > What's Great? A destination away from the noise and pollution of big cities. What's not so Great? There are a lot of wild animals in Dhamtari, so you need to be alert at all times. Not many luxurious accommodation options available. For Whom Dhamtari is a destination that promises a relaxing trip, away from the hustle bustle of the city life. It is ideal for a vacation with family and kids. It makes for a good getaway for the people of Chattisgarh, though it is visited by people from all over. 

History Formerly a part of Raipur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Dhamtari later became part of the new state of Chattisgarh. Dhamtari was a popular trade network due to the Bombay-Calcutta railway line going through it, and some of the goods shipped from here included timber, beedi leaves, rice and animal hides. Dhamtari is the headquarters of the American Mennonite Church, which was first established here in 1899.

Itinerary Day 1- Visit the famous Rudreshwar temple on the banks of the river Mahanadi, as well as the large reservoir built along the river. Visit the Sivaha, and other attractions nearby such as the Danteshwari Cave and the Ashram of Hringi Hathi Khot. Follow this up with a visit to the Bilai Mata Mandir. Day 2- Visit the monumental Gangrel Dam, situated around 15 km south of Dhamtari town. This is the longest dam in the state of Chattisgarh. Next, pay a visit to the beautiful Kanker Palace and enjoy its gardens.

Restaurants and Local Food in Dhamtari Non-vegetarian food is the primary mainstay in Dhamtari. However, millets are another staple that vegans can try. Kosra (a kind of grain like rice), rice, and madiya are preferred by the tribals. Otherwise, do not miss out on paje, a non-alcoholic liquid preparation made from water and small amount of cooked rice, sulphi-intoxic liquor collected from a tall palm like trees, and landa, an alcoholic beverage prepared from water, madiya, rice & corn. View 3 Restaurants in Dhamtari >>

Oct-Maris the best time to visit Dhamtari Dhamtari is best when visited in the autumn season, starting from October onwards. The climate is extremely pleasant and the ambience lovely. Summers are not exactly the best time to visit Dhamtari, while monsoons, although lovely, may prove to be disastrous for your itinerary if the rainfall goes beyond normal. Weather in Dhamtari Loading... Dhamtari in Winter (October - March) This is the most advisable time for a trip to Dhamtari. The area is pleasant for a visit at this time. It is advisable to carry some light woollen clothes as well. Dhamtari in Summer (April - June) Owing to the hot and humid climate, the summer season is not exactly the best time to visit Dhamtari. However, if you're determined, fit and raring to go while avoiding the crowd prevalent in other seasons, the summer season would be tailor made for you. Dhamtari in Monsoon (July - September) This is the another good time for a visit to the site, owing to the cool and pleasant climate, although the occasional, though heavy rainfall might ruin your plans. The offseason is the best for budget travellers, who can expect some good discounts and great deals on hotel tariffs. Monthly Weather in Dhamtari Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 15 28 February 19 32 March 23 35 April 28 41 May 30 42 June 28 39 July 25 30 August 25 30 September 25 31 October 22 31 November 18 30 December 15 28

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