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Ideal Duration : 1-2 days Best Time : October to April
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Devbagh Tourism Pristine blue water, picture perfect backdrop of beautiful mountains and lush green belt of casuarinas trees blend together perfectly to give you a destination not to be missed i.e. Devbagh. It is an amazing exotic island with all kinds of elements clubbed together. Lying along the coastline of Arabian Sea about 2 kms from the southern part of Goa, Devbagh is a spot for endless strolls along the sand, a place to embrace the beauty of nature and a getaway to lose oneself in the entrancing ambiance of Devbagh. With splendid weather throughout the year, the beach town is famous for its sunset and sunrise, fresh seafood and romantic setting being secluded from the hustle bustle of the mainland. A beautiful picturesque island, Devbagh is a perfect destination for all kind of vacation makers oozing a rustic charm. The place is a splendor, a blessing in disguise and should not be missed. Download Devbagh PDF Guide > What's Great? Not very crowded. Delectable seafood. A perfect beach vacation destination. What's not so Great? Not a year round destination as the summers are scorching. For Whom Devbagh is an ideal destination for people living in Karnataka and Maharashtra, though it is visited by people all over. It is a perfect getaway with family and friends and can also be enjoyed by couples. 

The reflection of cultural heterogeneity The city of Devbagh is not just a mesmerising town located on the western ghats known for the natural beauty and some adventure sports it has to offer but is also known for the rich cultural heritage and the vibrant history this town is associated with. Beautiful places like Sada Shivgad fort, beautifully depict the history of the rulers and the intricacies of architecture prevalent during the gone eras. Elegant and exquisite temple complex like the Shajjeswar temple and Narasimha Temple stand tall against the wrath of time to gracefully depict the stories, and the folklore people narrate of the bygone years and decades. The streets of Devbagh are a shoppers' paradise, with multiple beautiful picks one can find in these streets. Some picks are made out of sea products and are sold by the locals at a decent price, which might just act as a souvenir of the trip you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

One Day Itinerary Devbagh is a place sitting deftly in the lap of nature offering a destination away from the buzzing sound of the city. Begin your journey at Devbagh with beautiful sights of sunrise at Karwar Beach. Breakfast at hotel followed by a little trekking to Sadashivgad Fort can make your day. A small Durga Temple in the proximity is also quite popular. Shejjeswar Temple, Narasimha Temple located at Kurumgad Island and the lighthouse is other favourite spots in Devbagh. Make sure you make pit stops for lunch and light snacks. Carry a swim gear and trek wear for an excursion on this gorgeous island. Also, do not miss out on scuba diving!

Restaurants and Local Food in Devbagh Devbagh being a beach town offers some of the best sea food delicacies that are simply delicious and mouth watering. You will find delicious vegetarian food here, as well. View 3 Restaurants in Devbagh >>

Oct-Apris the best time to visit Devbagh Devbagh is a destination with moderate temperature throughout the year. However, each season offers a different reason for travellers to visit this magnificent place. The area is blooming immediately after monsoon season i.e. from September-November, while if you are travelling between March and May, the town will offer you the thrill of the adventurous water sports like speed boat cruises, snorkelling, parasailing and kayaking, etc. If you are visiting Devbagh during March or April, you can feel the enthusiastic rush and festivities of Ugadi festival celebrated to mark the beginning of the year. Weather in Devbagh Loading... Devbagh in Summer (March - May) This time of the year is the worst time for planning your visit. The temperature range is extreme, with days experiencing the scorching heat of the sun and dry weather conditions, and temperature going up to 40 degrees Celcius. Exploring the city during this time of the year becomes extremely uncomfortable, and thus, one should avoid planning a trip to Devbagh during the summer months. Devbagh in Monsoon (June - August) The monsoon in Devbagh is characterised by quick showers and light spells of rain, thus creating a pleasant environment throughout the city. The temperature range during this time of the year is comfortable enough for anyone looking forward to visiting. Though the humidity can be a little high, though not high enough to affect your travel plans to Devbagh. Devbagh in Winter (October - February) Just after the monsoon season is over, it leaves behind stretches of greenery and beautiful landscape all around the place. The weather range is pleasant with temperature ranging from 12 degrees Celcius to 35 degrees Celcius. The winters in Devbagh are moderate, with suitable conditions prevalent, thus making it your best pick to plan your travel to the city. Monthly Weather in Devbagh Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 15 33 February 17 34 March 19 35 April 21 37 May 23 35 June 22 29 July 22 28 August 21 29 September 21 29 October 19 31 November 17 33 December 17 33

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