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Dantewada Tourism Dantewada recently came into being, in 1998, after the formation of Chattisgarh from Madhya Pradesh. Situated in the Bastar district, the quaint little town of Dantewada offers a panoramic landscape view of gushing rivers, sparkling waterfalls, mighty hill peaks and lush green meadows. Historically, the town was named after the deity Danteshwari, an incarnate of Shakti, who later came to preside the Danteshwar temple. Dantewada was known as Tarlapal and Dantawali in pre-historical days. The town also houses recently developed stretch of Rowghat mines. However, currently, the area is affected by Naxalism and a well-versed research is advisable before heading out in the area. Dantewada offers you all natural elements from hills mountains to rivers and hence creating complete sceneries. It also houses recently developed stretch of Rowghat mines. However, this area is affected by Naxalism and it is advisable to research properly about the recent events before heading out to Dantewada. Download Dantewada PDF Guide > What's Great? The local crafts made of stone, clay, metal and bamboo are a great attraction for tourists. What's not so Great? The area is affected by Naxalism, so you need to be alert at all times. For Whom Dantewada draws a large number of tourists from India and abroad, as visitors escape to this getaway to attain soul and peace of mind amidst nature and tranquillity. It is a popular pilgrimage site as well. It can also be visited by adventure enthusiasts as there are trekking expeditions in and around the city. 

Customs and Traditions Dantewada mostly has a tribal culture, owing to its population. The native tribes are majorly Muriyas and Dandami Mariyas. Although surrounded by Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, the town has kept its heritage and customs alive. The people are mostly non-vegetarians and wear minimalistic clothes. Women adorn themselves with handmade jewels of rocks and stones. Hinduism is a common religion, and most celebrated festivals include Diwali, Dussehra, Holi etc. Local people are also excellent artisans. They excel in crafting goods from bamboo, clay and metals. Other than this, the town is also a peek into the enchanting world of witchcraft, black magic etc. Exorcism and Sorcery are common practices.

Itinerary Spending a day in this town can be an experience of the lifetime for you. Begin your journey early in the morning by visiting the famous scenic waterfalls of the Bodhghat Sath Dhar. Move ahead to pay a visit to the famous Danteshwari Temple and proceed to Mama Bhanja Temple.Spend a quiet evening in Indravati National Park. End your day with a stroll in the local markets and purchase some of the amazing handcrafted memoirs to take back home.

Restaurants and Local Food in Dantewada Dantewada offers both continental cuisines as well local and tribal delicacies. The food here is dominated by non-vegetarian relishes. What stands out here is a number of interesting and exotic alcoholic beverages that the local tribal cuisine offers. This includePajea non-alcoholic liquid preparation made from water and small amount of cooked rice,Sulphi,an intoxic liquor collected from a tall palm like trees andLandaan alcoholic beverage prepared from water, madiya, rice and corn. Kosra (a kind of grain, similar to rice), rice and madiya are the staple ingredients used by the tribals.Other than the tribal flavors, there are some things that you can just not miss while you are in Chhattisgarh. These includeJalebi, Petha and Rakhia Badi.

Oct-Maris the best time to visit Dantewada Winter season is the best season for a visit to Dantewada. The months when Dantewada is ideal for a trip is for the months of October - March. Monsoons are also a good time to visit, especially regarding the budget travellers while summer season, with unbearable climate, is seriously the least advisable time for a visit. Weather in Dantewada Loading... Dantewada in Summer (April - June) This is the least advisable time to visit Dantewada, owing to the unbearably hot climate, and sometimes humid days, especially during the months of May & June. This is also the time when the Naxals are the most active, making the trip risky as well. Dantewada in Monsoon (July - September) This is the another good time for a visit to the site, owing to the cool and pleasant climate, although the occasional, though heavy rainfall might ruin your plans. The offseason is the best for budget travellers, who can expect some good discounts and great deals on hotel tariffs. Dantewada in Winter (October - March) This is the most advisable time for a trip to Dantewada. The area is pleasant for a visit at this time. It is advisable to carry some light woollen clothes as well. Monthly Weather in Dantewada Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 12 28 February 15 32 March 20 35 April 23 39 May 25 38 June 24 33 July 23 28 August 23 29 September 23 29 October 20 30 November 15 29 December 12 28

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