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Far From City: 1 kms from city center
Cost: About Raja's Seat Weather: Time Required:1-2 hrs Open Time:Garden: 5:30 AM - 7:30 PM,Musical Fountain: Weekdays - 7:00 PM onwards, Weekends - 6:45 PM - 7:20 PM Cost:Garden: INR 5,Toy Train: INR 20

Raja's Seat Viewpoint The Raja's Seat View Point is a huge semicircle pavilion built in the garden and located in such a way that the visitors get the best view of the lush green valley below. It is mostly crowded in the evening to watch the sunsets because as it is the best location to experience the mesmerising sunsets and the sunrises. It's incredible when the rays of the sun gently cut through the morning mist and illuminate the rolling mountains and the valleys of Coorg enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings even more. Once you experience this, you'll know why the Royalty chose to be here to spend some leisurely time with their Queens. Toy Train Ride at Raja's Seat A toy train runs all around the garden here. The fact that Coorg doesn't have a single operating railway track makes this toy train a fun ride not just for children but adults as well. The ride starts right at the entrance and costs only INR 20 per person per ride, and the train takes you all around the beautiful garden. It's fun to watch the seasonal blooms, the lush green park and get glimpses of the valley from some locations of the garden. There's no better way to get amused and feel like you have become a kid again. A Toy Train ride here is a must for everyone. Gandhi Mantap Raja's Seat is located in the middle of a garden called as Gandhi Mantap. This memorial is built in the honour of Mahatma Gandhi at the location where, in 1934, Bapu visited Coorg and address the locals. It is a brick and mortar structure with four pillars and arched bridges. The Sarvodaya Diwas is celebrated on 30th January every year in Coorg. This is the day Gandhiji was assassinated in 1948. During this day, a procession is arranged, and an urn containing Mahatma Gandhi's ashes are carried to the Raja's Seat. This procession is followed by reciting verses from the Bhagwad Gita, Koran and the Bible. Bhajans are sung, floral tributes are paid and a few minutes of silence is observed to pay respect to the Father of our Nation at the Gandhi Mantap. It is said that this is the only place, other than Delhi, where Bapu's ashes are preserved. History of Raja's Seat Raja's Seat, meaning the Seat of the King is a structure made of brick and mortar and consists of four pillars that are bridged by arches. This place was used by the Kings and the Queens of Kodagu who were the rulers of Karnataka for over 200 years from 1600 to 1834 CE. The seat served as a perfect location for a breathtaking view of the valley and the rolling mountain ranges far ahead. Since it faced the west, it served as the ideal place to capture beautiful sunset view, and hence the Kings and their Queens mostly watched the sunsets from here amidst the lush green gardens and fresh misty air of Coorg.

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Best time to visit Raja's Seat The ideal time to visit Raja's Seat is during sunrise and sunset. The view of the garden is simply mind-blowing with the rays of the sun creating a halo around the misty mountains. How to Reach Raja's Seat Situated in Madikeri, Raja's Seat is very accessible from any part of the town. It is just 1 km away from the Madikeri Bus Stand. An auto rickshaw or a taxi can be hired to reach this place.

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Tips 1. To get a better place to view the sunset and musical fountains, try to reach well in advance.2. Paid parking is available.3. There are eateries outside the garden that serve snacks.4. Although the place is safe, it is still advisable that parents keep a close watch on their children.5. Visitors are responsible for their own safety and belongings.6. Plastic is not allowed inside the garden.7. There is ample seating space available throughout the garden.

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