Mallalli Falls

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Far From City: 29 kms from city center
Cost: About Mallalli Falls Weather: Time Required:3-4 hrs Open Time:9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Cost:No entry fee

Mallalli Trek The best way to reach the location of the Mallalli Falls is by trekking. It's a pleasant route and has wide concrete steps that lead to the waterfall. The Government has taken efforts to make the waterfalls easily accessible and convenient for visitors. As you trek, you will experience little, mesmerizing streams of water tumbling over the sturdy, black boulders on the mountain.  Trekkers can drive from Somwarpet to Kalahali Road which is a 10-kilometre drive. Beyond Kalahali Road, the route narrows down, just enough for a small car to pass. It is advisable that the visitors park their vehicles here and begin trekking up the route which is only a 2-3 kilometre walk up the mountain. This trek is perfect for those who are in for an adventure in the sunny but misty climate and those who want to discover and explore the thick forests, fruit orchards or private coffee plantation estates around the waterfall region. If you wish to visit the bottom of the waterfall, you can track the stream and walk carefully down the falls. It will barely take another 40?45 minutes of trekking, but the view is stunning. As you walk down, do notice the cool and refreshing drizzle from the waterfalls. If you wish to capture some gorgeous pictures, head towards the viewpoint marked near and gather memories like never before.  Geography of Mallalli Falls The Mallalli Falls are located in the Western Ghats of India and fall in Coorg, Karnataka. It is situated about 26 kilometres from Somwarpet in Coorg District and lie at the base of the Kumara Parvatha or the Pushpagiri Hills. The Mallalli Falls are formed by the waters of River Kumaradhara that originate on the Western Ghats itself. After plunging down the location of the Mallalli falls, the river water flows down towards Mangalore passing through Kukke Subrahmany. Further on, the river merges with River Netravati before flowing into the Arabian Sea.

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Best time to visit Mallalli Falls The best time to visit Mallalli Falls is between June and September as the falls are seasonal and the water levels are at its peak during the monsoon season. How to Reach Mallalli Falls The best and easiest way to reach Mallalli Falls is by hiring a jeep or taxi or driving your private vehicles down to Kalahali Road through Somwarpet Taluk. The location where the road narrows down is the place where visitors are advised to park their vehicles and begin trekking.

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Tips 1. Make sure you wear appropriate trekking gear.2. Carry spare clothes to change in case you get wet with the waterfall drizzle.3. Wear protective footwear as there are leeches in the forests and on the marshes of the falls; especially during the monsoons.4. Carry a first aid kit.5. Carry enough water and snacks as there is no provision around.6. Be careful as you walk up the steps in the region.7. Make sure you park your vehicles responsibly on the Kalahali Road.8. Do not leave precious belongings in the parked vehicles.

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