Badami Tourism

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Ideal Duration : 1-2 days Best Time : October to April
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"The home of cave temples" Badami Tourism Located in a valley of rugged red sandstone, surrounding the Agastya Lake, Badami (formerly known as Vatapi) is an archaeological delight owing to its beautifully crafted sandstone cave temples, fortresses and carvings. Once the royal capital of the Chalukyas, Badami continues to enjoy a unique place, being the home to a number of examples of Dravidian architecture which sustains and enhances instances of both south and north Indian style of architecture. Here, the temples cut out of single rocks will fascinate you along with the dense and dynamic beauty of cave temples such as the Brahmanical and Jain cave temples. The city will charm you with the silent imprints that history has left behind and can be seen all around the area. Download Badami PDF Guide > What's Great? Archaeological wonder. Beautiful sandstone monuments. What's not so Great? The railway station has direct connectivity to nearby places only. For Whom Located in Karnataka, Badami is a popular destination for pilgrims, archaeology lovers and history buffs.

Sandstone Caves and Temples Badami is the centre of ancient Chalukyan glory. Badami has a cave temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is the largest in India. The lake beneath the cave temples is named after the Bhutanath temples in Badami. All the structures here are made from sandstone that provide a lovely contrast to the blue skies.

Itinerary Day 1-Arrive at Badami, check-in and rest. In the evening, set out for visit to Badami Fort. Later visit local food joints.Day 2-Visit Aioli, Badami Caves, Agastya Lake. Later visit local handicraft stores and bazaars.

Restaurants and Local Food in Badami Badami has a surprisingly flattering platter, which is simpler in structure, yet quite delicious. The key elements of the food here areRice, Ragi, Jowar, Urad Dal, Jaggery and Coconut. The food here, is a little tangy and sour and usually cooked in coconut oil. One can also relish numerous delicacies of meat and fish and seafood here.Halwa, Chiroti and Mysore Pakare the local favorites amongst sweets. View 5 Restaurants in Badami >>

Oct-Apris the best time to visit Badami October to April are the best months to visit Badami. The area is pleasant throughout the year, however, summers can have the temperature shooting a little above what you might find comfortable. Weather in Badami Loading... Badami in Summer (April - July) The temperature in Badami during this time ranges between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. The days are extremely hot but evenings become pleasant. Badami in Monsoon (July - September) This is a perfect time to visit Badami. The temperature in this season ranges between 21 to 31 degrees Celsius. Badami in Winter (November - February) Winters of Badami are mild and pleasant. The temperature in this season ranges between 15 to 28 degrees Celsius. Monthly Weather in Badami Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 15 30 February 17 33 March 19 35 April 21 38 May 23 36 June 22 30 July 21 26 August 21 27 September 20 27 October 19 30 November 16 30 December 16 30

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