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Vindhyachal Tourism Vindhyachal is a famous Hindu pilgrimage spot closer to Mirzapur andVaranasiand has several temples in the vicinity with their own interesting stories. This town is situated on the banks of holy river Ganga and people come here to take a dip into it to pray to Goddess Ganga. The town also sees countless devotees that come here to perform the trikona parikrama which covers three most important temples Vindhyavasini, Ashtabhuja and Kali khoh temples. There is a huge crowd of pilgrims here, all year round and especially during the Navratra when the whole town is decorated with diyas and flowers and hymn of holy chants. Download Vindhyachal PDF Guide > What's Great? Hilly Ranges. Picnic spots. The weekend getaway for finding solace. Best for the population of Uttar Pradesh and North India. Good traditional food. Smooth road and rail connectivity. What's not so Great? Zero flight connectivity. Can be harsh during summers. Monsoons are moderate and humid. No adventure sports available. For Whom Vindhyachal is ideal for a family vacation and group travellers. Perfect for people with religious instincts, pilgrims, history buffs and nature lovers. Easy connectivity for the population of Uttar Pradesh and nearby states.

Epicenter of two Holy Cities of India: Vindhyachal Geographically located between the two ancient holy Hindu cities of Prayag (Allahabad) and Kashi (Varanasi), Vindhyachal explores the divinity of Goddess Vindhyavasini Vindhyachal Mata. Considered as one of the most visited Shakti Peeths of Maa Durga manifestation, Vindhayavasini or Vindhayachal is amongst the glorious shrines studded between the escarpments of the Vindhya Range in west-central India. Vindhyachal has great significance in the folklore of the Indian Hindu Mythology. It is the only place where all the three forms of Goddess Durga - Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati have defined temples dedicated to them in a single location.

One Day Itinerary After checking into a hotel or a guest house, freshen up and have your breakfast. Head to the main shrine of Vindhyavasini temple. It is believed that Goddess Sati's left thumb fell here and since then the place is considered amongst the most visited shakti peeth of all. The folklore also narrates that Goddess Durga after assassinating Demon Mahishasur established herself here in Vindhyachal. Indulge yourself in this spiritual epicentre and spend some time listening to the mythological tales from people around or hire a guide to give you a tour of places around. Later you can sit by the bank of River Ganga at Ram Gaya Ghat and dive into the river to get a holy dip. Head to other temples located nearby like Ashtabhuja, Sitakund, Gangeshwar Nath Temple and the Durga cave temple.

Restaurants and Local Food in Vindhyachal Vindhyachal's food habits are under great influence of Allahabad, Mirzapur and Varanasi. People here love to eat daal baati which is made by boiling tuvar daal and baati are hard wheat rolls which has a little stuffing of aaloo. Another dish is Litti chokha which also happens to be a delicacy of Varanasi, consisting of spicy balls of wheat and sattu and then filled with ghee.You can also try some delicious aaloo puri here or Thandaai and lassis which are refreshing drinks, especially in extreme summers.

Oct-Maris the best time to visit Vindhyachal Vindhyachal is a destination that comprises of a subtropical climate. It is a refreshing autumn getaway. The best time to visit the place is during the month of October to March post which the monsoons knock the doors of the town. Vindhyachal experiences mild rainfall during the monsoons. The average annual temperature for the hill station is 26 degrees Celsius. Vindhyachal is usually crowded with devotees throughout the day and is exclusively visited by the pious population of Uttar Pradesh during the Navratri. Weather in Vindhyachal Loading... Vindhyachal in Summer (March-June) The summer in Vindhyachal is quite warm and humid due to sub-tropical climatic conditions. May is the warmest of the months, and the average temperature remains around 26 degrees Celsius throughout the season. The maximum rise in the mercury is up to 35 degrees Celsius. Vindhyachal in Monsoon (July-September) The sub-tropical climate of Vindhyachal makes the monsoons moderate, wet and humid with an average rainfall of 340 mm during these months. However, if you don't mind the rainfall, don't miss the lush green beauty of the Vindhya range amidst which the main shrine of Vindhyachal embarks on the bank of River Ganges. Vindhyachal in Winter (December-February) The winters are mild and pleasant from December through February with the temperature dipping down to the minimum of 12 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature in winter months peaks to 20 degrees Celsius. This period is an ideal time to explore the breathtaking views of this hilly region in the lap of Vindhya ranges. Monthly Weather in Vindhyachal Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 11 23 February 14 27 March 18 32 April 25 39 May 27 39 June 28 38 July 27 32 August 26 33 September 26 31 October 21 32 November 15 29 December 12 23

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