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Ideal Duration : 1-2 days Best Time : October to June
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"The Skiing School and Honeymoon" Gulmarg Tourism Situated at an altitude of 2730 m above sea level, Gulmarg is surrounded by snow covered mountains, lush green meadows, deep ravines, evergreen forested hills and valleys. Known for its scenic beauty, Gulmarg has also been a popular destination for shooting of various Bollywood films. Among one of the top honeymoon locations, Gulmarg boasts of being a beautiful town without the crowd like Manali and Shimla. Gulmarg has also been developed as an adventure hub as Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering is located here. A lot of courses on trekking, mountaineering, skiing, etc. are offered by IISM at great prices here. However, if you are planning to do a course, it is advisable to book your course well in advance. There are a lot of other private tour operators in Gulmarg as well which provide similar courses and facilities for skiing, snowboarding and trekking. The cable car here is also one of the prime attractions here and is the 2nd highest cable car in the world. Download Gulmarg PDF Guide > What's Great? A great destination to visit in both summers and winters. Stunning landscapes throughout the year. What's not so Great? Terrorism activities and curfew are very common in parts of Jammu and Srinagar which affect tourism. Outside private vehicles are not allowed in Gulmarg except for drop and pick at the hotel. For Whom A paradise for the honeymooners and romantic vacation. Perfect for adventure lovers as it is a great ski destination.

History of Gulmarg Gulmarg, one of the charming luxury hill stations in the country, has a legendary history that is often spoken of. The place got its current name in the 16th century from Sultan Yusuf Shah before which it was called ?Gaurimarg? meaning ?the fair one? by the local shepherds and residents. The history of this city dates back to the era of Emperor Jahangir, impressed by the valleys and meadows who came to this place as a summer retreat. Mughal kings ruled this place for decades before the colonial rule which marked this city for its beauty and charm. The Britishers established ski grounds and resorts for the holiday season during Christmas and Easter. After the end of colonial rule, Gulmarg became a part of the independent princely state of Jammu and Kashmir where now it is a top tourist destination flooded by people serenading its beauty. Ski station of India Gulmarg is famous as one of the most famous ski destinations in India. During the winters it attracts a huge number of tourists who come here to gain the wonderful experience of skiing on the snow loaded slopes of Gulmarg Valley. Not only for skiing, but Gulmarg is also famous for its Gondola rides which are world?s second highest cable cars. Full of breathtaking landscapes Gulmarg is the literal paradise on earth. Valley of flowers Winters see Gulmarg transforming into a winter wonderland, and as the summer arrives the beauty of Gulmarg does not fade away, it only becomes more beautiful. In the autumn season, Gulmarg is filled with the beauty of flowers that blossoms in the brightest of their colours, leaving Gulmarg in the sheet of vibrant colours peeking out from every nook and corner of the valley.

Itinerary Day 1:Arrive at Srinagar airport or Jammu railway station. Transfer to the hotel in Gulmarg. Check-in at the hotel and rest for the day.Day 2:Leave for the local tour after breakfast. Visit the Gulmarg biosphere reserve which is a paradise for both wildlife and photo enthusiasts. Then, visit the Gulmarg Golf course, which is the highest golf course in the world.Day 3:Head to Apharwat peak, the premier ski resort where you can enjoy Gondola ride and afterwards, visit Rani temple and Baba Reshi Shrine. Back to hotel.

Oct-Junis the best time to visit Gulmarg If you are a nature enthusiast who loves the heat, the months April, May and June are the best months for a visit. However, If skiing is what you are looking forward to, December to mid March are recommended. Weather in Gulmarg Loading... Gulmarg in Summer (April-June) The temperature in summers is very pleasant ranging from 13 to 26 degrees Celcius. During this time, the valley is covered in the flowers looking stunning in vibrant colours. Gulmarg in Monsoon (July-September) Monsoon is considered as the off-season to visit Gulmarg as the rain showers affect the tourism. Gulmarg in Winter (October-March) Tourists visit Gulmarg in the winter season to ski on the snow-covered slopes of Gulmarg and to enjoy the Gondola ride. The temperature in winters falls as low as -4 degrees and do not rise above 11-12 degrees Celsius. Monthly Weather in Gulmarg Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C) January 1 17 February 5 22 March 7 26 April 13 33 May 17 37 June 19 38 July 21 35 August 20 34 September 18 34 October 12 32 November 7 25 December 3 23

Events in Gulmarg Winter Sports: Skiing January - March For adventure lovers, this is the ultimate experience-skiing over the snow laden landscape of Gulmarg. Having the world's highest ski lift, head to Gulmarg in adventures if winter sports are something you enjoy. Sporting Activity: Golfing Throughout the year The highest golf course in the world, head over here if in Gulmarg for a completely unique experience. A stern and unyielding course which can sometimes get frustrating, however the beauty all around you makes each and every moment worth it. Visit during June-September to see the flowers in full bloom and the mountains completely lush with vegetation.

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